Director of Elections is Texas runs from reporters when asked about the election being rigged

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Director of Elections Runs From Reporter When Asked About Election Fraud

Infowars reporter David Knight questions the Texas Director of Elections Keith Ingramon election fraud.  Instead of being open and answering simple questions he runs back up the stairs as soon as he sees that it’s Infowars.  He refuses to be interviewed.

Election machines are being installed in many States.  They are designed to rig the election.  The official who is cutting off the paper audit trail which would be able to substantiate the effectiveness of the machines, runs away from a reporter.  OK.  It’s Infowars, but the question is the question.  Why is the US election being handed to Smartmatic to run, the same system that’s been used to rig elections around the world in places like the Philippines?  No wonder they don;t want to talk to anyone about what they’re doing.



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