Destabilizing The Middle East

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All lies all the time. They aren’t “rebels” when they’re foreign fighters crossing the Turkish and Jordanian borders to join the fight. They aren’t “moderate” when they’re desecrating corpses and dealing in sex slaves. They aren’t conducting legitimate jihad when they’re accepting Zionist support to engage in Takfirism. SOHR is not a trustworthy source. The White Helmets are Al Qaeda’s clean up crew. Assad is better for Syria than ISIS or Al Qaeda (or the FSA, SDF, NSyA, Khorasan, Al Nusra) just as Saddam was better for Iraq and Gaddafi was better for Libya and none of them were a present threat to the powers destroying their countries.

Alongside the MSM’s Hillary shilling the reporting on the Syrian war is currently the best example that our media cannot be trusted to tell the truth.



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