Tap Blog comments blocked. US elections the reason?

Apologies to readers who like to drop off their comments.  The site is being heavily curtailed at the moment and very few comments are getting through.  Mike is aware of the situation but he can see no reason why this should be so.  My take is that Clinton election machine is using state powered intervention across the net to hinder opposition.  There’s the email link if you have something you want published.  Let’s hope the censors lift their comment ban once the election is over.  Trump must make it if humanity and the world are to stand a chance.  It’s not that he’s so good.  In fact rather the opposite.  It’s just that Clinton is far far worse.


Here’s some of her earlier work.

In one of the US’s most disgraceful recent
episodes, Libya, a country that posed no
threat to anyone and was an intact, is now
in chaos.

Before the illegal intervention Libya offered
its citizens the highest standard of living in
all of Africa. Now this once functioning state
is in ruins with millions suffering as a result.





5 Responses to “Tap Blog comments blocked. US elections the reason?”

  1. Aldous says:

    Clinton is an incontinent, decrepit, stumbling, living-dead hag. You don’t want someone/something like that anywhere near the global conflict button or trigger. Such nearly dead, self loathing, Satan worshipping and God hating flotsam are dangerous people to have around, especially near or on the levers of power.

    Well over a million innocents have died in the Middle East as a result of this satanic creature from Hell and her like.

    The past 15 years since the monstrous 9/11 False Flag are proof – if any was needed – that you don’t require nuclear weapons to mass murder people and indeed entire civilizations thinking of Palestine.


  2. Nollidge says:

    There have been outages of twitter & reddit in the USA. Seems to be mostly an East coast thing.

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