Clinton using NSA to block Wikileaks revelations


I am getting a little bit worried, it looks like the censorship really is stopping this.

They are now trying to front it as a hoax.

But the problem is that all the social media posts on this topic were exploding last night, and then suddenly just froze where they were 1 hour after this broke. There is no explicable reason for this other than a massive ability to shut it all down from a central location which would never have been used if this was a hoax. Even my message window got shut off entirely, and I can’t see where or how that was done. The only thing that works is the front page. Conclusion: NOT A HOAX, and the control over the web is far more vast than anyone ever expected.

Guccifer 2.0 is not the Guccifer that is in jail, and he was asking for server space to host it all because it was too much. This would be expected if it was not a hoax. Someone else did this drop which is why it is Guccifer 2.0 and I suspect it is the Russians or white hats that actually provided the files, and they have to make it all look plausible (like an individual who might have problems getting enough space for all the files online.)

The coincidence with this and Assange yesterday lends credibility to it all. It appears Assange used a front.

Hillary and the rest of the elite scum are asking for bullets to fly their direction by blocking this, and the bullets probably won’t be from the general public. They will be from a powerful entity that does not want world war 3. Someone somewhere did the hack and it was not “joe Guccifer”. That much is obvious. And that someone will be far more capable of taking direct physical action than “Joe guccifer” ever could be.

UPDATE: It looks like Hillary’s team really is using NSA hackware against people, this time to stop this leak from spreading. The method? To attack people’s computers and destroy them. The only reason I am still up is because you can’t write to the ROM chip my specially configured computer runs from, but they did try to attack and kill the CPU. If I had a normal setup, the hard drive would now be gone and as it is, they already made the laptop produce a burning smell while the CPU fan went to max.

They want this leak stopped at all costs, and have resorted to blowing people’s computers out. Thankfully I don’t have CoreVpro. This is probably why practically no locations on the web have this leak despite how huge it is.

I have offered “Guccifer” server space (which my readers recently paid for) to get this leak out there, but appear to be getting attacked and blocked.

If Guccifer needs help, get ahold of me (if possible) and if I successfully connect I’ll provide log in details so his public front can get busy.

If you don’t connect the first time, send again.

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  1. ian says:

    Surely not our lovely Hill’s. Bless her cotton socks.

  2. drbhelthi says:

    Which organization owns the program that disables bios ?
    Has NASA joined in on the block-or-burn activity? A great deal of the viruses of the late1980s and 1990s were sent out by NASA computers.

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