Admiral Kuznetsov
 – This just in from S.E.I.G. Agent MARCONI;
Good Afternoon Harry,
I see the latest defense analysis here in UK gives the reason for the Channel dash 21st Century (there is a joke in there someplace!)is that the Russians wish to end the engagement in Syria and are going all out to provide air support.  It is all well and good the various correspondents saying that it is Russia’s only aircraft carrier, but it still one more than we here in UK have at present! As far as Syria goes, it is high time someone ended it, and if the Russians can do so, crack on! I will pass on any more as and when it comes,
very best Regards to you, yours, and Sharkhunters worldwide.
Hope the book takes off in German , MARCONI
MARCONI translated our book ‘Hitler in Argentina’ into German and it will be available end of this year in the German language.

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