Britain sleep-walking to catastrophe. The people are unaware.

David Cameron may have retired from Parliament, but Defence Secretary Michael Fallon is still in office.  He supervised the deployment of Britain’s RAF to Syria and approved the secret insertion of the SAS into the area.  We are in Syria uninvited, as invaders with no justification, illegally, bombing in support of ISIS and other terrorist groups, who are massacring civilians, fighting against the legitimate, popular elected government of Syria.  Russia is in Syria by invitation from the duly constituted government of Syria.  We are not.  We are there as war criminals.

The US is engineering the start of a war with Russia as soon as it can decently do so, trying to make our aggression look like Russian aggression’.   A war with Russia won’t be a conventional war.  It will be a nuclear war.  Most British people have absolutely no idea.

Targets in Britain will include Lakenheath in Suffolk, Holy Loch in Scotland and Fylingdales in Yorkshire, key parts of the US attack formation aimed at Russia.  These will be targeted with nuclear weapons as will the Joint Services Command Bunker at Northolt.  Should Russia decide to target Britain in an attempt to knock us out of the war, Russia could in a few hours wreak more destruction of Britain’s road, rail and air transport infrastructure than the Luftwaffe managed to do in 4 years.  Key railway stations could be knocked out,  key road bridges, power stations and electriciity/gas/petroleum infrastructure and airports.  We could be reduced to a Third World country in a matter a week.

Theresa May has no intention of unsettling Michael Fallon and the war party.  Boris Johnson is sold out to the war campaigners.  There is a deafening silence from all politicians and all media about what could be about to happen.  The Daily Mail mentioned in a piece today that military experts think a Third World War will be over very quickly – yet how often have military men said that kind of thing in the past?  It’s nonsense.  A war once started is beyond the control of anyone.  It could drag on until half the population of Britain has starved to death, not to mention poisoned in the fallout from nuclear attack.

In such circumstances, we need a politician who speaks for the people.  The Conservatives are sold out.  Labour is in disarray.  Lib Dems?  Not a hope.  There is only one political Party and one political leader who could rally popular resistance against fighting a pointless war of annihilation against Russia.  The first is UKIP and the second is Farage.  No matter the lack of MPs.  The Party will be able to draw support from millions once people realise the trick that’s been played in dragging us into an unwanted and unnecessary war.


Gordon Logan writes in this blog that David Cameron tried to launch a nuclear weapon against Russia a year ago, but the naval commander controlling the nuclear attack codes refused.  She has since disappeared.  Make no mistake.  Defence Secretary, and yet another Satanist, Michael Fallon will oblige and be persuading Theresa May to bring Britain into the most destructive war the world will ever have seen.  In the US, the only hope is Trump.  In Britain the only hope is Farage.  In the Armed forces there must be people willing to stop the world descending into mayhem.  Time is running out, as Russia has reached the end of line trying to persuade the US to accept that they are not willing to act as slaves to a One World Government.

They feel the same as Britain does with Brexit.  The same as Trump does for America.  The same as Duterte does for the Philippines and many others who have tried to stop the tide of One World Government.  The Satanists are desperate to get a war started.  It’s the only way they can overpower the resistance that’s rising up everywhere.  Farage might well have had enough, but there will never be a more poignant moment in human history where, one man has to carry on bearing the load for billions of others.  If UKIP falls apart, Britain is lost – not just politically but in every other way including nuclear destruction.  He has to stay on and prevent another UKIP leadership fiasco.   The time to swap over to a new leader has passed.  Maybe by January if Trump wins in America, he might get another chance to retire from the front line.  Otherwise he just has to stay in situ and stop the Conservative war machine.  He must give the world breathing space, if he can, despite the risks he faces personally.


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  1. Aldous says:

    Many articles (and comments, often my own I regret to say) unwittingly defend themselves from being read by their very length. This article is spot on with its six ‘to the point’ paragraphs.

    Regrettably, most of the ‘people’ do not care to know or deserve to be saved. They will soon be nothing more than manure on the fields still capable of providing edible crops for the few that are left.

    It’s a real shame about the children, all innocent in all of this; but you can’t choose your parents.

    And Jesus Wept that the blinkered and blinded Gentiles suffered them to a premature demise at the hands of Satan and his disciples and followers of the fake Israel that God had forbade and warned Mankind about without His express permission to exist.

  2. Aldous says:

    Comments are working! It’s a miracle! Praise be to God… and Tap/Gordon.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Nice to have some comments filtering back in. Sorry about the blockage. It was nothing to do with any of the blog’s operators. So presumably came from outside. Is the Clinton election campaign having a go at blocking us?

    • Aldous says:

      “Sorry about the blockage. It was nothing to do with any of the blog’s operators.”

      Hi Tap. I’m sorry about the comment ‘blockage’ too. Having said that, a fickle friend of mine caught me at an awkward moment and excruciating time at the bar recently and asked me if I was alright and how was I feeling, to which I replied: “Thank you for asking, I feel bloody terrible, I’ve got diarrhea.”

      Life in the Zionist Occupied West seems like diarrhea only much much worse. My fickle friend has suddenly become a committed anti-Zionist. I say suddenly; but it could well have been in the last few hours – or minutes! Certain it is that only last week, he was slagging off anyone who criticized the bandit, pariah, criminal, mass murdering outfit called Israel.
      Where there’s life there’s hope and I should cut him some slack – maybe.

  4. Gordon Logan says:

    Excellent article, Tap. Jacob Rothschild and George Soros won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, whether it’s in Russian or in Chinese. The idiots in Whitehall and Washington are herding us into the abyss. Why does Theresa May not understand that the Neocons are pushing for first strike capability and nuclear war? The old doctrine of mutual deterrence is kaput but nobody has told the Conservative Party, although Cameron and Ash Carter probably tried to use nuclear weapons against Russia last March, proving that deterrence has become a thing of the past.

  5. AlanB says:

    Greenham Common has been an industrial estate for years, and Upper Heyford closed years ago. The RAF must be quivering in their boots.

    • Tapestry says:

      I am out of date. Where are the bases now? If any? Drones are operated in South Wales. That too could be a target. The RAF won’t last long against S-300 and S-400.

  6. archer says:

    Sorry, but I can’t see it happening myself. Whilst I have no doubt that we are a sitting duck to Russia, I just don’t see the benefit – not at present, anyhow.

    And sorry to disagree, but Farage is a c*nt. he is cut from the same public schoolboy, bankster cloth as the rest of those in power. He’s full of straight-talking sound bites and popular sentiment now, but by jingo, you wait until he gets some form of real power – he will fall into line like the rest of the LibLabCons (cf. Nick Clegg re Tuition Fees and Vince Cable re Royal Mail sell-off).

    • Tapestry says:

      Farage has been deliberately kept out of Westminster with poll rigging, and he’s facing death threats and attempts. The system protects paedophiles like Clegg. They get soft media. That’s the telltale.

  7. ian says:

    Great article Tap.
    Easily read and perfectly stated.

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