14 Responses to “Be Careful Who You Trust, Satan Was Once An Angel.”

  1. UglyTruth says:

    The common misunderstanding of the nature of Satan is part of the reason why Satanists can operate within the existing religious and political instutions. Satan is not a proper name, it is a title meaning adversary. In a similar vein, Devil is a title meaning slanderer. An adversary is not necessarily a slanderer.

  2. RabbiT says:

    Not being allowed to post again.

  3. RabbiT says:

    Satan, devil, adversary, accuser are one. See Revelation 12 9 &10.

  4. RabbiT says:

    I gather the settings permit me one line of text.

  5. RabbiT says:

    Had a look and don’t see your point.

  6. RabbiT says:

    Are you part of a new wave of confusion claiming God and Satan are the same?

  7. RabbiT says:

    I am not disagreeing that Satan is a role or title applied to the fallen angel there being many. My reading of Gen. 1.26 would suggest F/S/HS. Jesus explains the reason for Ps 82.6 in John 10.34 which appears to suggest certain mortals consider themselves gods (indeed made in the likeness) as expressed in Ps 82.7. The group of beings are therefore as I suggest F/S/HS. This is why God is always at odds with mortal authority. I have no problem with us being god’s of our own domain some are god’s over others.

    • UglyTruth says:

      The trinitarian model doesn’t work with Genesis because spirit is described separately in verse 2 and father/son doesn’t match male/female of verse 27.

      In Ps 82:7 they are called Elohim (“God”), like Moses was “made” Elohim in Exodus 7:1

      Sovereign authority as described by Blackstone is not at odds with deity.

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