Andrew Mitchell MP – will you invite Vanessa’s testimony, yes or no?

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Thursday 20 October 2016

Dear Prime Minister,

I complained to Andrew Mitchell MP about his address in parliament regarding Syria the other week. He replied:
“Thank you for your email. There are many different views on Syria but mine is about protecting innocent civilians.”

I responded by challenging him to public live unedited debate with independent English reporter Vanessa Beeley, who has been to Syria and met President Assad. Andrew replied:
“I note the point you have raised in your emails, however Parliamentary protocol prevents Members of Parliament from representing the constituents of other Members.
Kind regards, ANDREW, Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP”

Exactly what is right and honourable about Westminster MP’s escapes me. I responded at greater length including:
“I don’t give a fig for your parliamentary protocol. Parliament long ago lost my respect – as an ordinary member of the voting public I deem you all appeasers of child violation and war. I assure you I am not alone in this view. You either develop a moral backbone or not. It is your choice.”

Andrew appears to be perpetuating misinformation just as your government and the BBC does about Syria. The Russians, unlike us, like it or not, have been invited by President Assad. The U.S. Peace Council recently returned from Syria:
“It is not President Assad against his own people, it is President Assad and the Syrian people, all together, against outside mercenary forces, terror organisations, supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United States, and underneath it, Israel/”
Oops! Does that mean the U.S. Peace Council are anti-Semites? Let’s ask the ADL shall we?!
The YouTube press conference:
The Syrian Free Press article:

Dr Marcus Papadopoulos, editor of Politics First, stated the other week to BBC News:
“… the House of Commons debate demonstrated just how MP’s are deluded, uninformed and quite frankly bias when it comes to the conflict in Syria… Islamic terrorists are receiving backing from the West… Boris Johnson’s calls for protests outside the Russian Embassy contravene diplomatic protocols… encourage hostility…”
Dr Marcus Papadopoulos talks to BBC News about Syria:

Dr Papadopoulos suggests you Andrew, may be deluded, uninformed and bias. What you did was call for further intervention within foreign sovereign nation state territory; which in effect, just as Jo Cox MP did, was a call for killing civilians; the exact opposite of protecting innocent civilians. Jo Cox’s husband apparently raised £1,000,000 to contribute funds towards the George Soros funded White Helmets. Andrew, you could easily sit next to your comrade in arms Hillary Benn, who like you calls for intervention in Syria. Hillary Benn has now been elected to chair the Brexit select committee. We find the decisions you are making in Westminster baffling. I do not know if Hillary Benn is deluded, uninformed and bias, but I suggest he is a disingenuous war monger; perfect for the €U mind set.

What is it with you people? You invade, kill and nurture so called independent rescue organisations to front your insane policies. You have the audacity to do this in the name of freedom and democracy. You have Bell Pottinger with a $500million budget to organise Al Qaeda videos and just this week Russia Today, a most useful and often informative TV channel, has its bank accounts frozen. Yeah, freedom of expression is alive and well in good ol’ Blighty! Apparently, War = Peace, don’t you know?!

Perhaps the taxpayer funded BBC could take note of the Mrs. Asma al-Assad interview with Russia’s Channel 24:
What an impressive lady; I’d rather have Asma al-Assad at the helm of my nation than the BBC’s US Presidential election favourite, Clinton. Ah yes, the sincere, authentic, empathetic Hillary. This morning I heard reliable BBC frontman James Naughtie, the classical music booky one, reporting from the US Presidential election. He did an excellent BBC anti-Trump job. Are elections fixed? You bet your bottom dollar they are….
Rigged . . . In More Ways Than Imaginable:
I would not be surprised if Brexit was fixed to reduce the Leave vote.

I have no other option but conclude my British government is lying about Syria and will use any excuse in its objective to pursue regime change in Syria as it did in Iraq. You refer to the Syrian government as a ‘regime’, a label apparently given to any nation whose government ‘we’ have decided to change. You are encouraging hostility and potential payback; payback perhaps in the form of violent revenge in our back yards here at home.

Today’s war on terror was largely initiated by 9/11. The official 9/11 narrative is a lie. I knew it the day I watched it live on TV. We, not just I, we know it. Grow up! We have had enough of decade after decade of lies, war, lies, war……

Parliamentary protocol Andrew? It seems the UK government has scant regard for British constitution, let alone protocols; and there is British constitution, just not in single document form. Subsequent governments have flouted the trust of the British public; we still have liar and war monger Tony Blair on our TV and radio. The BBC have the audacity to fear monger about ‘psychopathic’, ‘marmalade face’ (as the even handed objective (?!?) Jeremy Paxman called him…) Donald Trump; as if there is no suspicion of rape and murder associated with the Clinton-Bush clan?!

Lies were told about Iraq and now a similar script is being rolled out for Syria. Clinton will continue Syrian intervention. There is a chance Trump will seek a more peaceful solution.

You even have the BBC and mainstream media hounding Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-Semite. It’s laughable; you are accusing among the most fair-minded, politically correct MPs in parliament of being racist. Corbyn does not have a racist bone in his body – what he might do is question the apartheid system of Israel. It does beg the question Theresa “Je Suis Juif” May, is your loyalty to the British people or to Israel? Poor Trump and his proposed Mexican wall – doesn’t he realise only Israel is allowed a wall?! Naughty Donald’s wall could hinder the plan to knock North and South America into one super state, toward which the North American Free Trade Agreement is a stepping stone. No wonder globalists want Hillary and not Donald.

I am not concerned about the likes of Tony Blair going to prison; he can go retire on his island paradise estate for all I care. I just do not want globalist war mongers involved in the running of my community.

We know; we see; we observe; an exponentially increasing number is becoming aware. We access Howard Zinn, Carrol Quigley, Antony C. Sutton, Eustace Mullins, G. Edward Griffin… we realise there are options beyond the limited parameters of Darwinian theory and Adam’s rib; we understand truth may be allusive, but we see the lies non the less. We want you to cease interfering in foreign sovereign nation states. Let us trade, not engage war.

I am inclined toward a Ron Paul style of real free market economy, not socialism which I deem a Collectivist system, yet I will vote for Corbyn or Farage and hope for Trump over the horrendous Clinton, because I do not wish to engage a globalist, TTIP, Agenda 2030 programme. I enjoy our national and cultural differences while the globalist / €U plan is to break down and homogenise national and cultural differences.

I challenge Andrew Mitchell to debate Vanessa Beeley on the facts about Syria. Vanessa can be contacted via the UK Column. Of course, you will decline because Vanessa’s testimony will undermine the false arguments you use to justify your foreign interventionist policy.

Sadly, some shameful behaviour can be associated with being British, but I and others intend to put our best foot forward and work toward a peaceful Britain and a rehabilitated reputation. I do engage collaboration home and abroad and represent my community best I can. Oh, if only I had a government to constructively work with too.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
R. Buckminster Fuller

I can provide an electronic version of this letter on request to the above e-mail address. Copies of this will be shared with my contacts.

My name is not Mr nor Sir nor anything other than simply Ned, if you would be so kind.

Perhaps a long letter, but a simple question: will you invite Vanessa’s testimony, yes or no?

Yours sincerely,

As a wag once said,
‘The artist must go very far, so that the ordinary man will go far enough. Arsenal!’

“Tell those who doubt the value of the Waveney Springs Art Collective, that I don’t know why art is necessary – only that it is. All who in the 1940’s braved bombs to see one painting in the National Gallery knew it too.”
Brian Sewell Art Critic, Sunday 04 April 2010


Yurtta Barış Dünyada Barış – Peace At Home, Peace In The World
Painted live at Anıtkabir 2015



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