A PR job to make Asma al-Assad look good? It works on me!

Mrs. Asma al-Assad interview with Russia’s Channel 24:

She was going to be an investment banker. Is she in effect today helping to fight them of?
Compare her to Hillary Clinton. I know which one I would prefer at the helm of my nation.
The RT interviewer could perhaps have been better, her English is not the best, but at least she is there conducting this interview.

“Our word s our honour.”
If this is a PR job to make Asma al-Assad look good – it works on me!

She’s drives herself.
“I refuse to live in fear.”

She walked her children to school after a heavy bomb attack to encourage them, “To face down their fears, stand up for their convictions.”

She does imply chemotherapy is the answer to cancer – she needs to meet Clive de Carle, Ty Bollinger and many others with alternative options….
Why Are Cures Against the Law? Clive de Carle Live at Truthjuice 2016:

The Truth About Cancer:

“Syria means rising sun and one day Syria will rise again, I assure you.”
I trust she is correct, Syria will come through this invasive war and I for one look forward to visiting Assad’s Syria.


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