Trump’s gaining ground with Black voters

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Black voters traditionally vote for the Democrat Party.  Things are changing, as many wake up to the fact that racial division is being propagated by, for example, the Black Lives Matter campaign, for political ends.  Race division was lessening before the Obama Presidency.  Now race is being brought back as a political issue – as it helps politicians and big business for it to be kept as a problem.  Divide and Rule requires division between people.  These two speakers in the video tell it like it is.  Trump is gaining ground with Black voters as many realise they are being manipulated by the Clinton campaign to carry on seeing themselves as perpetual victims, when they are ready to move on as full American citizens and take responsibility for their lives without endlessly accusing others of evil intent towards them.

Black Lives Matter is the new KKK, says presenter Tomi Lahren (pictured), keeping black people as the victims.



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