Trump had a defective mic

Sep 27 2016

I am taking care of issues related to the ICANN hand over, updates will be sparse today. The big thing is despite getting wasted by a two part tag team, TRUMP WON and EVERYONE is scratching their heads wondering how the “moderator” could possibly have been such a POS.


Now I know why Trump was visibly disturbed – Over the TV, the microphones all appeared to work. But at the debate itself, over those speakers, they were cutting his voice off, adding distortion, etc and that makes it virtually impossible to speak. THEY SCREWED WITH HIM BADLY and he still won, HANDS DOWN.

The scamming MSM knows that everyone heard him come across fine on the TV, and that they can screw with him with this topic because no one who watched TV could hear what was going on at the actual debate. But from Trump’s perspective at the debate, they put him through HELL. That is the type of thing you get from the lowest banana republics. But what would one expect from the tribe, which owns the media? You don’t expect fair, do you?

It looks like Hillary had a hidden mic

Yep, it just gets better and better – Hillary may have been getting her responses sent to her over a mic box she was wearing on her back. This is going viral on the web now, she got BUSTED. And with a moderator on her side, giving her unfair time, plus a mic box, plus Trump getting messed with, Trump still bashed her into the gutter in the online polls.Way to go.

And I’d like to point something out here – to excuse off Hillary losing, the time magazine poll (which claims Hillary supporters are more educated, more connected, more social (and therefore have more media communication devices) is implying that Trump is winning because the simple deplorables communicate more, have more devices, etc and that they are stacking the results. So we have a bit of cognitive dissidence here, where the under class is more social and more connected? What a laugh!

September 26 2016

I am not surprised by this Drudge poll, but Trump could have done better. He obviously was not well versed in going up against a scamming political velociraptor. I wonder how they kept Hillary glued together (if it was her) who knows. My guess is that she was VERY drugged. Held together too well as far as I see it.



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  1. Nollidge says:

    (if it was her). At least 1 body double has been spotted.

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