“They Tried to Warn Us”: 1981 TV Show Nailed Globalist Push to Break Down Borders for a One World Government



Of course, when these kinds of truths are provided to the little people Revelation-of-the-Method style, they are always cloaked in the banner of conspiracy theories (as if that automatically equals Crazy Town).

This clip is an episode of the TV show Barney Miller that aired back in 1981. The plot is that a crazy conspiracy theorist is arrested after breaking a globe (belonging to globalists, get it?) at the Trilateral Commission, and it discusses the Rockfellerian globalist plan to break down borders and form a one world government.

Break down borders… and form a one world government. Sound familiar? Because it’s happening right now with neverending wars and manufactured mass immigration, with trade agreements like the TPP and the destruction of the middle class to bring back feudalism.

Guess they warned us back in 1981. Watch:

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