Snowden, Assange and Greenwald are CIA disinfo ops


[Editor’s note: This is absolutely dynamite material, it blows to smithereens any notion that Edward Snowden is anything other than a fraud, a CIA disinfo op.

So now we can place him alongside Julian Assange and Wikileaks in the rogue’s gallery of professional liars.

This report also exposes several other media outlets as being under CIA control, something we have known for some time. Ian]

Russia Govt. Report: Snowden, Greenwald are CIA frauds

Report, Russian Federation FSB and SVR, CIA ‘Edward Snowden’ Fraud

Below is part one of a report at the Moscow offices of Russia’s SVR and FSB intelligence / security agencies, on the ongoing fraud of CIA agent Edward Snowden and his CIA-tied media such as Glenn Greenwald, UK Guardian, NY Times etc

This report at the government of the Russian Federation, references several other documents relevant for understanding and evidencing the CIA fraud of ‘Snowden’ – links to these documents are as follows:

(1) ‘EU police report on CIA Wikipedia fraud’
Police report at EU national police agencies, extensively discussing CIA-Wikipedia-Google media control crimes, of which the CIA-Snowden fraud is part. (Also Wikipedia EU fundraising fraud, and ’20 Major Techniques of Wikipedia deception.) Report has significant material re UK police file Pearson plc accused of bribery of 3 American judges – same judges involved with Snowden / Assange, and involving criminal acts by Snowden media – Guardian, NY Times – media who fully support internet censorship of a genuine US dissident, while promoting CIA ‘Operation Snowden’
CIA Wikipedia fraud EU police file can be found here:
or here:

(2) Google Inc CIA-tied censorship of a genuine dissident from the US (contrasted with CIA-tied media promoting CIA agent Snowden)
Live screenshot photo as Google admits it is censoring dozens of websites from search results, supporting what UK police file describes as Pearson plc bribery of 3 US judges, Google assisting to defame, censor and destroy major critic of US court corruption, Harvard classmate of US leaders:…

(3) Correspondence with Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, relayed through Snowden’s lawyers Anatoly Kucherena (Moscow) and Plato Cacheris (Washington DC), and the Ecuador Embassy in London
Document was a ‘test’ of both Snowden and Assange, helping provide final proof both Snowden and Assange are active CIA agents and frauds.
On surface level, the document offers tools necessary for Snowden to become free to travel internationally, and for Assange to be free from his situation in London’s Ecuadorean Embassy. Both Snowden and Assange refused the assistance, and instead escalated lying praise for their CIA media partners, despite clearly knowing their Guardian & NY Times were helping to defame, censor and murder real US dissidents
Snowden / Assange correspondence found here:
or here:

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2 Responses to “Snowden, Assange and Greenwald are CIA disinfo ops”

  1. Gordon Logan says:

    My apologies! I posted this by accident. This report did NOT originate in the Russian secret services. It was written by a US dissident in Belgium called Les or Leszek Sachs and sent to the Russian government, who are no doubt aware of the true nature of Snowden and Assange. Sachs passes the 9/11 test by admitting that 9/11 was an inside job but crucially he nowhere mentions the role of the Israelis. So Tap, you can take down this post.. It certainly is a bit long.

    • Nollidge says:

      Probably wise NOT to mention Israel’s major part in 9-11.Whilst the CIA appear to be satisfied with just closing him down,Mossad might feel a bit angry at such a prominent dissident tying them to 9-11.
      That kind of thing could get him killed. I suspect being close to REAL Jewish thinking means he understands the danger he would be in.

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