Nothing Good Will Ever Come From That Rotten Woman

This was a comment on the NHS story that WordPress kept ignoring.

Comment – With accumulated deficits Cameron and Osborne actually doubled the national debt in just 5 years. This is historically unprecedented. Even more so when the NHS was being deliberately underfunded in order to precipitate its collapse. A tiny fraction of that 800 billion of new debt could have saved the NHS. John Perkins – the Economic Hit Man – has described how the bankers get together with politicians to plunder a country’s wealth. That is what Cameron has just done to the British people. The Conservative Party has conspired to plunge the British State in debt for the benefit of super-rich bondholders. The UK mortality rate has rocketed to the levels of 1946 – before the creation of the NHS. Mortality rates in UK hospitals are now amongst the highest in Europe. Only Slovakia is higher. The Conservative Party has contributed the death of millions in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen. The British government habitually breaks international law. The Conservative Party is a party of civil and military death and the plunder of public assets. Christopher Shale, Cameron’s friend who died suspiciously, had just written a paper deploring the Tories as “graceless, voracious, crass, always on the take.” The Rothschilds had other, less ethical, plans for Cameron. Philip Hammond spoke openly of the billions that could be made by plundering the people of Libya, weeks after he and Cameron had conspired with Obama and Sarkozy to murder Gaddafi with a dagger in the rectum, to Hillary Clinton’s amusement. Tap, you should have nothing whatever to do with these swine. And don’t believe for a minute that Theresa May will give us Brexit. It will never happen. I know a rotten person when I see one. Nothing good will ever come from that rotten woman.


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