Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 4th, 2016


Sunday… Day before Labor Day here in this formerly free nation that I call Canuckleheadistan these days, and time again for my weekly rant…

I came under attack this week for my article concerning the fraud “Transgender” bullshit that has been pushed into the news over the last year, and I will state it clearly that it absolutely has NO place in our societies, period, end of story…. I absolutely abhor the stupid “political correctness” that has been pushed and I look at it as an abomination on societies as well…. And I will never ever support the so called Gay and Lesbian agendas for I look at them as psychological freaks who should not only stay in the closet, but I would be willing to pound a few nails in those closet doors to make sure they stay there… There, I have said it, and for those who do not like what I have to say, you can quit reading further and go to those sites out there that support those sick agendas….  As I have always said, there is no place for political correctness here and I will never ever be called “Politically Correct!”

I read this last week on how the IPCC criminals that have long been trying to push the fraud “Global Warming” agenda have again been pushing the lies that this year is the “warmest year on record”… What utter bullshit… For there are new reports that have indeed been coming forward that back the real scientific evidence that not only is this planet cooling, but we are indeed heading towards a severe solar minimum that could see Earth enter another “mini ice age” much like what was experienced back a few centuries ago….

Yes, our sun, Sol, has indeed gone quiet and its solar radiation output is indeed diminishing and will reach a minimum within the next decade… At that time we will see very short summers and extremely long and bitter winters across the globe…..And as I stated many times, many nations will be ill prepared for this cold spell as their governments have been stupid enough to invest in programs to fight “Global Warming” and are not ready for the exact opposite…..

But again I am not sold on the idea that we are entering some kind of new “Ice Age” as this cooling cycle is part of a very natural and approximate 44 year cycle of increasing and diminishing solar radiation output from Sol… Therefore after we reach the minimum within the next decade, there will indeed be an “upswing” in solar radiation output and we will see a return to warmer weather across the planet as a result….. And yes these cycles have been going on for millions of years and has absolutely nothing to do with the bullshit idea of being caused by mankind pouring “Greenhouse gasses” into our atmosphere….

OK, in my last rant, I stated that the situation in Syria had indeed turned into a riddle wrapped around an enigma…. The wild card in the Syrian government’s fight to free their nation from the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal has always been what Turkey would do… And over the last week we finally have an answer as the Turks have indeed turned their armies against the US backed Kurdish forces that have indeed seized approximately 1/4 of Syria’s territory in their attempt at creating their own nation…

And that is where the situation has now turned badly for the United States themselves.. For over the last few years the criminal US government has not only been arming their paid mercenaries known as “ISIS” but have also been arming the Kurds as well… And I can guarantee that the US government has indeed been secretly negotiating with the Kurdish leadership and has in fact made “promises” to the Kurds that they would get their nation if they agreed to ally themselves with the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal… However, we now see that the Kurds did indeed make a deal with the devil itself, for the US has now turned its back on the Kurds as their NATO ‘ally’ Turkey has turned their forces against the Kurds in northern Syria…. It shows once again, as as I stated before, that any nation that tries stupidly to make deals with the criminal US government does indeed get burned!

Yes, the Turks have now turned their attention against the US armed Kurds in Syria… And at the same time the Syrian government forces have indeed been winning more battles as they try to wipe out the fraud US armed ISIS and Al Nusra “terrrorists” in and around Aleppo…. I for one want to see what the US government will now do to extradite themselves from this fine mess that they got themselves into…. The facts are clear that the US can no longer win this war in Syria and their sick dream of trying to have Bashar al-Assad removed from power in Syria has indeed been shattered….

I did see the news this last week where Wolfgang Halbig has now been forced to give up his fight to have the fraud shooting at  Sandy Hook where nobody died at all exposed… Apparently Wolfgang was threatened outright by the criminals behind this fraud shooting that if he did not give up the fight, his own family and grandchildren would be in danger…. THAT type of threat should have raised alarm bells with everyone and finally put to rest the false notion that Sandy Hook was somehow a real event…. Yes, now some 3 and 1/2 years after that fake shooting in Newtown Connecticut, there are indeed still numbskulls out there that somehow are still trying to tell people that it was somehow real, and many of those numbskulls are right there in this “truth movement” spewing their lies… One in fact that runs that terrible “TUT” website is probably applauding the fact that Halbig has given up the fight for truth about Sandy Hook so that he can continue to propagate his lies…..

I do have one thought about all these fake “mass shootings” that have been happening across America with ever increasing frequency… It is a fact that after Barry Soetoro, aka “Barrack Obama” became the US President back in 2008 that these fraud mass shootings increased astronomically… Is there a coincidence?  Not really when you consider that Barry’s platform has always been for stripping the American people of their rights and freedoms, and especially their right to bear arms as their last line of defence against a criminally corrupt government…. Yes, every single mass shooting and bombing that we have seen across America and much of the world over the last decade have absolutely been fake and nothing more than psychological weapons of fear on gullible people to try to convince them that they should surrender their freedoms and their weapons for the fraud of “more security”…..

I was sent an interesting email just the other day from a friend and colleague asking me to look at Jim Stone’s latest articles over at his website ( concerning the aborted launching of an Israeli satellite last week from the Space X launching facility in Florida, where the rocket supposedly exploded when it underwent fueling tests long before its launch…. Something strange did occur just before and during that explosion on the launch pad, and many are speculating, including Jim himself, that the rocket exploded due to an ‘attack from a UFO”…….I have indeed looked at the frame by frame images that were available online and on Youtube (strangely, Youtube has now yanked many of these videos (?)), and I do find the supposition that the rocket exploded after being “attacked by a UFO” intriguing, but I am not sold on the UFO idea at all… Something else is going on here, and hopefully if and when I do get the real facts I will try to present them here at this blog… Many have also commented to me that they are delighted that this rocket blew up with its satellite payload destroyed, because it was an Israeli satellite, but I must point out that the Israelis will simply get their American slaves to pay for another satellite and it will be put into space in a subsequent launch….

I was also sent a link to a video where supposedly the most evil man on planet Earth, Dr. Evil himself  George Soros, was in an interview with a European reporter, and during that interview Soros was asked about what he thought of the American electoral process and who he saw to be the next US President… It is no shock that this ultra criminal stated that Donald Drumpf would indeed get a landslide popular vote but that Hillary “Killary” Clinton would be the next President… This readers is due to the other loophole in the American political system which is known as the “Electoral College”..

Very few Americans even understand that their votes do indeed mean diddly squat when it comes to choosing their next President… The popular vote is one thing, but the Electoral College is what indeed ordains the next person to sit in the White House…. Basically anyone can Google “Electoral College” and see for themselves how states decide the next President dependent on their “Electoral College numbers”, and I can guarantee the ultra psychopathic criminal demon Killary Clinton is working hard with her minions and the criminals who will “count the vote” to make sure that “swing states” do indeed have their Electoral College numbers in her favour….  Yes, an Electoral College map shows clearly that the biggest numbers sit with the states with the most citizens including California, New York,  Illinois, Florida, and even Texas… The facts are that even if Drumpf does beat Killary in a landslide with the popular vote, if Killary is able to steal all those Electoral College numbers in those key states, she will still steal the Presidency!   And I can guarantee that THIS is exactly how that demonic mass murdering freak of nature will indeed be in power as of November 9th….. So Soros may indeed be a lunatic and a mad man, but  he is correct that Killary has already been ordained to be the next President, and the Electoral College is the key….

Again, I must reiterate that I am NO fan of Donald Drumpf as the next US President… I look at him as just another Jew butt kisser and that will not change if he was to be in the  White House this November… However, as I must again point out to my colleagues in the real truth movement, what other choice do Americans really have?   Yes, they could ruin their votes or not vote at all, but what will that do? That option will not change anything in regards to the “election” at all…….There are still only two major US parties running in this “election” and without a strong third party candidate it does come down to a choice between Drumpf and a raving lunatic… Given those two obvious choices, there can be only one way to vote this November and sadly that is for Drumpf

I figure that before I get onto my usual “last minute tidbits” that I would give a quick update on Whitewraithe…. She has been under tremendous stress these last few weeks, and having to quit her job due to terrible circumstances has indeed hurt her physically as well as mentally… Over this last week she went through another terrible bout of Sinusitis that is indeed due to her stress, and when I finally talked to her last night, she was recovering but could barely speak….. I again have had to put another delay on any of our plans for restarting our podcasts until she is better and back on her feet…. I can only hope for the best, but considering how bad the US economy has turned, she is indeed having a dickens of a time trying to find further employment… All I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best for her….

OK…. I figure that is enough for now about some of the major issues that have been on everyone’s minds over the last week… But again I will touch on other issues here in my usual “last minute tidbits”……I see that the Chinese are indeed trying to stop the escalating situation in the South China Sea and have called meetings with other Asian nations to settle the issue of territorial claims peacefully.  But I can guarantee that the US will try to ruin those negotiations for again they want war, and in fact any war anywhere right now to save their sorry asses from their economic demise…..Yes, as I stated once again in my last article, the Jew spew media is suppressing any news reports coming out of Yemen for the simple fact the Jew run Saudis are getting their asses whipped!……I saw this last week some more reports about how terrible the fraud “social media” network called “Facebook” truly is, and I again must ask the simple question as to why anyone with any common sense would have a “Facebook” account at all?  That program is again proving itself to be exactly what I have stated for years, which is a spy program used for information gathering……Yes, the Rio Olympics are now officially over, and as I predicted NO ONE came down with the Zika virus at all.  That proves once again that the Zika virus scare was complete bullshit, and the real cause of the “brain shrinkage” that was so wildly reported was from the deadly vaccines given to pregnant mothers…..And another report came out just the other day where supposedly vaccines are not only laced with mercury, squalene, and other adjuvants, but they contain Cancer causing Glyphosate as well.  But that is no shock to me as these vaccines are purposely containing these harmful chemicals for the Pharmaceutical industry wants people to get sick and not cured from their “vaccines”………OK, a shocking report shows that some 94+ million Americans are actually out of work, and that number far exceeds the bullshit reports of the US “unemployment rate” being well below 10%.  Yes, the truth is the US economy is in steep decline, and the nation itself is teetering on full collapse………The economic situation here in Canada is a mess as well as there has been NO growth at all in Canada’s economy over this entire year.   I see it as a reality every time I take a walk down at the local shopping mall as there is no one actually buying anything!……..The 15th anniversary of the Israeli Mossad attacks of 9-11 is rapidly approaching, and I for one still cannot believe that there is anyone out there that still thinks that attack was conducted by 19 “A-rabs” using box cutters.  But hey, there are still idiots out there that have swallowed the so called “official story”. ; The term brain dead does indeed come to mind……….I see that the criminal US government is still wanting more “sanctions” against Russia for their stupid idea that Russia somehow “invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea”.  Must I again remind everyone that Russia never invaded anyone, and that the Crimean people voted overwhelmingly in a legal referendum to rejoin Russia?  But again, the US needs a war and any war to save their economic butts.  But war with nuclear Russia?………. Someone said that there is a “civil war” brewing in Israel.  Honestly, considering how truly corrupt and psychotic that nation truly is, if they start killing each other in a civil war, all the better……..No soccer this week as Arsenal prepares for a match next weekend against Southampton.  Damn, I hate going through soccer withdrawals, but some say the NFL starts next week…… And speaking of the NFL, someone asked my opinion on this Colin Kaepernick issue.  All I can say is that the US is already pretty fucked up, and if a back up Quarterback does not want to stand during the US National Anthem to take a stand against the injustices in America, I would say its about time.  Interesting tidbit about Kaepernick as supposedly he is actually Jewish (Jewish mother..).   But that could be a whole different issue………. I have a headache and have been suffering from a lot of stress lately and I am indeed considering taking a short vacation and not writing at this blog for about a week.  If I do, I will give everyone plenty of warning ahead of time……… And finally, back to the Kardashians and their insanity.   Yes, supposedly there will be ANOTHER Kardashian show on Jew spew Talmudvision to warp American minds as Rob and his expectant girlfriend “Black Chyna” are going to fill the airwaves with their lunacy.  I for one am still trying to figure out the American love fest for these trolls and trollops, and if anyone can give me a logical answer, I am all ears……



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