Military Lies

 What follows is not theory, speculation or wild-eyed raving.  As you know, I served on the Veteran’s Advisory Board for the 5th Congressional District.
Here is the SitRep we recently received from Congressman Richard Nugent:
“This week I wanted to shed light on a very concerning report coming out of a recent congressional investigation.  Earlier this month, a joint House panel consisting of members from the Armed Services Intelligence and Appropriations committees concluded that US Central Command (CENTCOM) has been manipulating reports as it relates to our fight against ISIS.  Since 2014, CENTCOM leaders have routinely painted a falsely-positive portrait of our fight against this terrorist group.  This investigation further suggested that top officials engaged in a practice of editing intel from subordinates that may have contradicted the ongoing narrative of success.
     In short, either the Commander in Chief has developed a culture of sycophants or CENTCOM leaders are smudging the truth for their own reasons.  Whatever the reason, we know we have a failure in fulsome reporting from those in the highest ranks of our military.  This fits in to a long established pattern of the Obama administration prioritizing political appearances over military realities.”
Congressman Nugent is a veteran, former county sheriff; his three sons are all in the military and have been deployed several times to the Middle East.
Harry Cooper

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