Manhattan explosion being used to coverup US war crime in Syria

September 18, 2016 By Filip Karinja

Before today’s explosion in Manhattan, the news for the day was of the United States airforce conducting four separate airstrikes on the Syrian army in Syria killing 62 soldiers and injuring 100 more.

The soldiers, representing the elected Syrian government, where in battle against ISIS when the US war planes came and were essentially acting as air support for ISIS by bombing the Syrian soldiers near the city of Deir ez-Zor, Syria.

Russia called for an immediate UN meeting to find out why the US had once again acted on behalf of ISIS in Syria.

The United States’ only response was to accuse Russia of grandstanding, avoiding the actual subject as to why they had bombed soldiers of an elected foreign government, a clear act of war.


However, western media has done it best to coverup the latest Syrian incident and when it does talk about it, like all the other times the US has killed innocent people, language such as ‘may’ ‘allegations’ ‘reports say’ ‘could’ is used rather that labeling it as fact.

Australian media has completely buried the story, the same way they didn’t even report on the news in July of this year when US and French planes bombed a Syrian village killing over 85 civilians. Apparently this was not newsworthy either, but news on what some celebrity did that day apparently was.

Hence if you speak to people who get their information from the mainstream media about the incident they will tell you that they have never heard about it, the same people who still don’t know about things like WTC building 7.

Perhaps this is why trust in the mainstream media is at its lowest point in history against all demographics, as people are beginning to wake up to see the bigger picture of what’s going on and why.

For example, when the US isn’t bombing civilians, bombing hospitals, training ISIS terrorists, airdropping 50 tons of weapons to ISIS, they are staging false flags to start wars.

Let’s face it, the US economy runs on war.

Last week the US handed Israel a record $38 billion in military aid and $1.15 billion of tanks and weapons to Saudi Arabia.

If you needed further proof, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer warned of job losses if the US didn’t keep selling arms to the Saudis. Somehow keeping economic numbers in tact is more important than the lives of human beings.

The US ‘war on terror’ has been a complete failure with $5 trillion having been spent since 9/11, only to see terrorism rise by 6,500%.

As comedian Steve Hughes points out regarding the ‘war on terror’, “So, you’re having a war against the consequence of the actions you’re involved in?”

Essentially, what we saw today was that US once again carrying out an act of terrorism in a foreign country and the global community including the United Nations watching on and doing absolutely nothing.

Turn to the media and all they want to cover is the pipe bomb explosion in Manhattan, that going by history was most likely planted by the CIA to be used to further a political agenda for the ruling establishment.


In this case to generate fear and distract from the events earlier in the day in Syria.

We’re not saying it was a false flag, however it is certainly being used by the media to distract people from the important news of a foreign government (United States) committing an act of war inside Syria yet again. A country which the US has no place in being involved in, same goes for Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, etc.

Often media distractions are done with news about Kim Kardashian or some other celebrity, however fear is a greater method of control, hence it is used by governments and agencies to seize power and control the opinion of the public, which is then later shaped through the use of the mainstream media.

If not done by the CIA, then the next most likely scenario would be blow back caused from the 1,300,000+ innocent people the US has killed in the past decade in wars based on lies.

Out prayers go out to both the people in Syria and those in Manhattan, but could you imagine the mainstream media coverage on this if it was Russia that bombed the Syrian troops? It would be front page news with talks about sanctions on Russia, instead it was yet another act of terror by the United States and hence is not newsworthy.





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