Large NATO naval exercise – Friday 02/09/2016

This just in from our radio monitoring S.E.I.G. Agent MARCONI:
Good Evening Harry, from one of our German monitors comes this about an upcoming naval exercise staring on Friday 02092016. the following vessels are involved and we hope to get some good monitoring, as no doubt, do the opposition!!! Best regards, MARCONI
MARCONI goes on to list all the ships – fast frigates, corvettes, submarines, patrol boats, tenders, minesweepers, auxiliaries – dozens of them from more than a dozen countries.  This information was all sent to Members with ship names, countries, their roles in the war games – total coverage and when it is in operation, we trust that MARCONI will keep us posted.
S.E.I.G. Agent MARCONI and his radio intercept pals will have plenty to listen to and we will send it on to you as soon as we get it from MARCONI.
TAP – I add to that, this little piece on
Russia advising Turkey not to invade Syria using the most diplomatic of language.

Moscow is closely following the Turkish Army’s operation in northern Syria and urges the coordination of Turkey’s military efforts with the Syrian authorities, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a news briefing on Wednesday. “Certainly, we share the Turkish Republic’s wish to struggle against Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL] which is an embodiment of international evil,” she said. “But at the same time we would like to draw attention to the need to follow international law and coordinate all military operations in the territory of a sovereign state with the legitimate government of that country.” Zakharova called for avoiding strikes against the positions of Syrian Kurds.

TAP – So much ink has flowed suggesting Turkey was moving over to support Russia after the coup attempt.  That all looks like baloney now.  The Turks were taking part in a large-scale deception acting up to Russia, all the while preparing to invade Syria with US backing.  Our own Turkish correspondent NPP advised us that the coup wasn’t real at the time, and that something else was going on.  Should have guessed what was up, but got carried away with the hope it was true like most others. Turkey’s invasion is aimed at stopping the Kurds in Syria from linking up with Kurds in Turkey.  Beyond that, I doubt Turkey wants to head further south, and attack Aleppo.  So far Russia has tolerated the invasion.  There has to be a line which mustn’t be crossed somewhere, or the supposed Turkey/Russia rapprochement will seem like a thing of yesterday.

One more short report

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday approved a normalization deal with Israel recently passed by the Turkish parliament, the Daily Sabah reports. The deal is expected to restore diplomatic relations between the two countries, which will exchange ambassadors in the next few weeks. The law regarding the approval of the agreement between Turkey and Israel over compensation has been submitted to the prime minister for promulgation, according to the presidency. Relations between Turkey and Israel declined in 2010 following an Israeli naval raid on a Turkish aid ship en route to deliver humanitarian aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip. The attack killed 10 activists. Turkey’s parliament approved the normalization deal on August 20, and it had already been approved by Israel’s government.



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