Johnson tells Theresa May to REJECT single market deal

Johnson tells Theresa May to REJECT single market deal and WITHDRAW British funding to EU

BORIS Johnson has urged Theresa May to shun a Brexit deal that will keep Britain in the European single market as he sets out his “red lines” to the Prime Minister.


Boris Johnson set out his Brexit ‘red lines’ including controls on immigration in a letter to the PM

A leaked letter revealed the Eurosceptic Foreign Secretary has indicated four “non-negotiable” areas in negotiations to withdraw from the European Union.

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Theresa May has said she wants a ‘unique’ Brexit deal with the European Union

These include a rejection of payments into the massive EU budget, controls on immigration from the bloc, a halt to Brussels legislation applying to Britain and a removal of the authority of the European Court of Justice.The letter, believed to set out the former London mayor’s Brexit “red lines”, was sent just days after the Prime Minister’s first Cabinet meeting.

We do want a strong EU but we also want a strong UK

Boris Johnson

The correspondence caused surprise in Downing Street as neither of the other Brexit-focused ministers, Liam Fox and David Davis, sent letters to Mrs May.It sets out Mr Johnson’s negotiation position in “forthright” terms, according to a Government source.

But allies of the Foreign Secretary – appointed after Mrs May became Prime Minister in July – denied the letter was leaked deliberately.The Prime Minister has said she wants a “unique” deal with Europe instead of an already established “Norway-style” deal – including tough controls on EU immigration.

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Foreign Secretary Johnson met with Austria’s foreign minister Sebastian Kurz yesterday

But Mrs May has not addressed what she intends to do with Britain’s colossal £8.5billion annual net contribution to the bloc.The leaked letter comes after Mr Johnson kicked off a charm offensive of Europe’s leaders.

The Foreign Secretary met his Austrian counterpart Sebastian Kurz and hinted he may have laid the ground for a potential deal with the country.He said: “We do want a strong EU but we also want a strong UK and I think we share a vision for a strong new European partnership between the UK and the EU and ever closer relations between Britain and Austria.”


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