Jews Openly Admits Immigration Is To Kill White Europe



wpid-barbara-spectre-quote cjqxxwhwiaa2n4x original-3_thumb1Jew Politician Openly Admits Immigration Is To Kill White Europe

Look everyone the Kikes are openly admitting the point of Massive non-White immigration into the West is to Murder the entire White Race. And they are behind the whole thing.

German JEW politician Gregor Gysi calls native Germans “Nazis” and their extinction “fortunate”

The fictional holycost is just an excuse the Jews made up. Jews where already murdering Whites by the millions with Communism even before Hitler came to power in Germany, to stop Germany from getting holocausted by Kikes in commie caps. Like in Russia. Jews got nothing but Hitler hate, because he stopped their blood letting of the Goyim, purim fest for awhile. The Jews where also trying to ship in tons of non-Whites under their Soviet regimes.

Gysi, just proving Hitler Is Right, yet again.




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