2 Responses to “It’s a matter of WHY isn’t she being tried and convicted”

  1. Nollidge says:

    “The Mena airport had become too “exposed” as a drop-point, so another location was needed – Whitewater.

    The drug business had become so filthy lucrative, that billions were sitting in offshore accounts collecting dust. Money that doesn’t “move” is dead money, ie worthless. And it was impossible to “launder” such a massive amount of dough. So a plan was hatched ..


    the perfect mechanism to launder all those billions sitting idle in offshore accounts.

    Some in Congress were bribed, while others were threatened with “exposure”. The America people were promised “more jobs”. Wave enough “green” in front of peoples’ faces, and they loose all sensibilities … even to the point of outright betrayal of their own nation and their own lives !!!

    Understand this, America: NAFTA was and is .. ALL about drugs! money laundering! black ops! the overthrow of sovereign nations! ..

    and the ongoing sacrificing of an untold number of innocents unto Lucifer/Satan!

    And yes, the Clintons are major “players” in all this – but are not the only ones. And yes, if Hillary were to gain access to the White House as the “President”, she would “deep six” all evidences of her and Bill’s past and present “involvements” … and “silence” all critics and enemies .. anywhere and everywhere on the planet and elsewhere ..”


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