How Many Will Have to Die In Order Preserve Hillary’s Health Secrets?

drew-2Is Dr. Drew In Danger?


Donald Trump is surging in the polls. Fox news alludes to the fact that this happening because he is kinder and gentler. I don’t see Trump as kinder and gentler.  He gets into trouble because he often calls it like it is, and because the public is catching on to the fact that Clinton cannot be trusted and the public is beginning to believe Trump and what he says about Hillary. This is why Trump is moving ahead of Clinton.

Clinton cannot be trusted to with the duties that would befall her as President. Clinton is lying about her health and this is where the damage to her public opinion comes in. Hillary Clinton is washed up because at the end of the day, Trump cannot run against a corpse and that is just about where Clinton is.

Clinton Is Lying

Clinton has appeared in public more composed, her skin is smoother and she does not appear to gasping for breath. That is because you are looking at one of three body doubles for Clinton. CNN, NBC, ABC et-al, and Clinton aids are lying about her health every time they open collective mouths. It is embarrassing and almost comical the lengths that the media and the Clinton camp are going to in order to hide fact that she is dying.

In typical Clinton tradition, these same aids are being threatened if they truly reveal what they are seeing or what they know

Clinton Is Dying

Much was made as to why Clinton was wearing an ear piece on her recent CNN appearance. People accused her of cheating. She was not. She has a cognitive condition that causes her to slip into a near comatose state. Loud voices will arouse her, bu they will not for long.

She is frequently lost and loses her train of thought. She has been seen grasping for breath. If she is being treated for shortness of breath, this could interfere with her treatment for Parkinson’s. Clinton has been seen and filmed collapsing without provocation. She needs excessive help walking up stairs. She further needs help getting in and out of cars

You will please note that Dr. Drew has stopped making public comments about Hillary’s health condition.  Drew says to continue to do so would endanger his career. Drew is understating the threat. The story reaching my contacts is much more dire.  Drew and anyone close to Clinton, who spills the medical beans is risking their life. And the aware of us, know all to well what this means. This is why Dr. Drew is no longer talking.  

What I have learned in the last 4 hours, from two very reliable contacts, is that Clinton is at a crossroads. She does have advanced Parkinson’s which can result in pronounced symptoms including pneumonia and early onset Alzheimer’s. However, I have learned that her immune system is failing. One medical source said that she may have a blood disorder such as Sepsis. This last statement is more speculative than fact, but does fit what we we are seeing with her collapsing incidents.

Anyone can read the same evidence I can. However, the inside sources I am speaking with are confirming the worst case scenarios of what we are seeing and suspecting. The key word here, is confirming. We all see unless we choose to blinders on.


Part of me wishes that Hillary Clinton would make it to the election so we could reject the New World Order at the voting booth. It is my considered opinion that no amount of voter fraud can overcome the electoral fraud and manipulation that is going to be employed.

Mike Adams recently wrote that no matter who wins there is going to be widespread violence. One question I have is “How many people are going to die in the Hillary Health Care Cover-up”?



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  1. Nollidge says:

    Here are some more people risking “Arkancide”. The comments in both are a good read.
    NSA Whistleblower: Agency Has All of Clinton’s Deleted Emails:-

    Discovery – 2014 Reddit Archive: Platte River Network’s Paul Combetta (“Oh Shit” Guy) Requesting Tech Help To Strip “VIP’s Emails”…

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