Hillary’s Wheel of Health Excuses… what excuse will they spin today? (cartoon)

Hillary Clinton

(NaturalNews) Share this cartoon everywhere: Hillary’s Wheel of Health Excuses brings you random “official” excuses for Hillary collapsing health. One day it’s “allergies,” and the next day it’s “bad tacos.”

We’ve also added some upcoming excuses you’ll likely hear soon, as Hillary croaks during the debate or has a fatal aneurism from an unrelenting coughing fit that causes her bobble head to pop off and roll off the stage. Those new excuses include “heebie jeebies” and woozy woos.”

For those of you who don’t think this is all a laughing matter, I agree. Hillary’s traitorous, murderous, criminal betrayals of America are no laughing matter whatsoever. This is the woman behind a trail of executions, “suicides” and murders of political people who had dirt on the Clintons. This is the woman who destroyed the lives of other women who shared their bed with Bill Clinton. This is the woman who sold off U.S. uranium mines to the Russians… and who collected hundreds of millions of dollars as bribes to “pre-sell” the White House.

Hillary’s determined desire to absolutely destroy America’s liberties is a threat to them all. If you think Hillary’s health is a disaster, just wait to see the health of the U.S. economy if she gets elected.

Even if she were in perfect health, her ideas are fatal for America. It almost seems as if she wants the entire country to share in her own suffering and personal demise… as if she’s saying, “I may be going down but I’m gonna take the whole country with me!”

Here’s the cartoon. Share with everyone (and pray this wicked witch of politics does not win the election, of we’re all done for…)

Also, watch this shocking video about the “wiping” of video history by the corrupt media:

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/055270_Hillary_Clinton_health_excuses_political_cartoon.html#ixzz4K4padaW0


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