Hillary Clinton cannot walk a few steps unaided, filmed collapsing at 9/11 Memorial

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This very recent short video tells you the story well enough – ten seconds.  She’s getting weaker, cannot walk unaided and has to be carried to her car.  She is not qualified to hold public office, suffering from advanced Parkinsons.  Fox News fails to broadcast the video, saying no cameras were there to record what happened.

Political reporter for Time Magazine reports that the former Secretary of State will be temporarily removing herself from the campaign trail in light of the most recent incident and returning home to Chappaqua after being rushed to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment following the incident.

Although Clinton emerged saying that she “feels great” and her campaign has gone into damage control mode suggesting that the incident was merely a bout of dehydration, Hillary may soon be fending off calls by her own party to drop out of the race leaving the door wide open for either Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden to replace her. Democratic Party bylaws stipulate that in the event that a presidential nominee drops out due to health related or other reasons, a special meeting would be called by the chairperson to find a proper replacement. It is also possible that Congress could move to delay Election Day in the event that the decision occurs too close to November 8. To date, a nominee for a major party has never withdrawn or died prior to an American election with the closest historical corollary being Vice President James Sherman who died of kidney disease six days before the 1912 election – his name remained on the ballot and the election proceeded. Watching the video below, it is hard to know whether or not the Democratic nominee may be the first to bow out in history.

Read more: https://sputniknews.com/politics/20160911/1045201044/hillary-clinton-collapse-bernie-biden.html

Hillary Clinton has advanced Parkinsons Disease






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