Has anyone seen the real Hillary Clinton since 9/11?

This financial observer (Clif Hite) says the many Hillarys who have been seen since 9/11 are either body doubles or CGI technology output.

There is, as yet, no evidence that she is alive since 9/11 when she collapsed into the van at the roadside.

Her death was reported on ABS News, and the screenshot of the report was captured and sent around the net.

Everything is coming to a head at this time, he opines.  Financial crisis could be coming in October, he says.  Bonds first.  Equities later on.  The Dollar will devalue.

Economic chaos.  Central banks will later on be ended.  Inflation will kick in.  Gold and silver will shoot up.

TAP – Where’ve we heard all this before a hundred times?   Deflation is powerfully set, and prices of most things are currently heading downwards.

Next week, however. the non-appearance of Hillary Clinton will become noticeable, unless she convincingly reappears.

The reports of her death might soon start to become believable.


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