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Gordon has posted Ole’s fundraiser – THANK YOU!!!! Please thank G but he has not posted the LINK – eek!


Please, please Tap, would you consider asking Gordon to POST THE LINK!!!  I’m not sure what the quickest way do that is and do not feel that registering on the Tap would speed that up. Thank you so much, Henry. (I should say that Ole works as a yoga teacher so he is not making a living from Truth – his partner also works).

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Dear friends,
My name is Ole Dammegard from Light on Conspiracies http://lightonconspiracies.com/newsite/ . As many of you might know, I am an author, inventor, former journalist and investigator who have dedicated decades to uncover the real truth behind many of the major conspiracies in the world. My main focus has been solving top political assassinations and stop state sponsored terror / false flag operations.

Up to date I have made hundreds of radio and TV-interviews, written articles for Veterans Today and published several books, like Coup d’etat in Slow Motion Part I and II

Shadow of Tears,  and Re-Mind Me. In addition, I have worked on several books together with Professor Jim Fetzer as well as contributing to some of Dr. Kevin Barrett’s books on false flag attacks.http://lightonconspiracies.com/newsite/my-biography

I am a one-man-band, not funded by anyone, nor being part of any group, and in 2016 I was awarded the Prague Peace Prize http://lightonconspiracies.com/newsite/the-prague-peace-prize .

I have also attended many International conferences and will be one of the speakers at the New Orleans ‘Oswald Innocent’-Conference (via skype) http://oswaldconference.com/speakers/michael-hoffman/ .

And now I have be invited as one of the key speakers to the JFK Assassination Conference in Dallas, November 19-20! http://jfkconference.com/ This is an absolutely incredible honor and joy for me personally, since I have spent so many thousands of hours solving the mystery of the JFK-killing

Even though all of this might seem somewhat glamorous, the truth is that more or less everything I do, I do on a donation basis. I don’t get paid for interviews and when going to most conferences I am given the airplane tickets and accommodation, and very little extra.

The same goes for this fantastic conference, arranged by none less than Judyth Vary Baker, the mistress of Lee Harvey Oswald, and also once involved in creating a bio-warfare cancer weapon to kill Fidel Castro.

I am one of 30 incredible speakers, including people like Jim Marrs, E. Howard Hunt’s (CIA) son Saint John, Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden, Gary Powers Jr, John B. Wells, Wayne Madsen, Barr McClellan, JFK-witness Beverly Oliver, Vincent Palamara, Dr. Cyril Wecht, Edgar F, Tatro and many more.  http://jfkconference.com/?page_id=11

But gathering so many renown speakers has made the financial situation very tight for the arranger. And this is where you come in ;-).

I have been given 2 hotel nights, a dinner ticket + 100 dollars for food. That’s all. A very kind supporter has donated the plane tickets, so that is covered. But the rest of the bill is left on my table, and at this point I am not sure how to manage.

My plan is to have an additional 5 days in Dallas, giving me the possibility to finally, finally be able to personally examine Dealey Plaza. My dream is to explore all the angles and buildings around the crime scene, find the different safe houses involved, go to Oswald’s house, the location of the J. D. Tippett-murder, the Texas Theater, go to the Oswald-grave together with Judyth, etc, etc. I will also do on-location filming which is aimed as being part of a series of documentaries I am in the process of making.

So my thoughts go to you, asking for your help to make this happen. The week we are talking about is right before Thanksgiving, so most hotels and B&Bs are already fully booked. My goal is to raise 2000 euros to cover for accommodation, food, a rental car, buss tickets and tickets for the different historical buildings and tours.  I need the funds asap, since the prices keep going up.

The new knowledge as well as the contacts I will make at the conference will be used in the best possible way, in my deep efforts to be part of liberating this beautiful planet.

Would you like to help me? If so, I thank you from the bottom of my heart :-). This means the world to me.


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