Dec. 1: When 4th Amendment will be destroyed

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Exclusive: Craige McMillan warns of reg that’ll create ‘surveillance megatropolis’

September 16, 2016 by Craige McMillan

Why Dec. 1? Why not leave it for the next administration?

The Obama administration, ever fond of backdoors, is planning to make meaningless the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. How? By altering the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. According to an article in Wired Magazine authored by Democratic Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden:

“The new plan to drastically expand the government’s hacking and surveillance authorities is known formally as amendments to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, and the proposal would allow the government to hack a million computers or more with a single warrant. If Congress doesn’t pass legislation blocking this proposal, the new rules go into effect on Dec. 1.”

Privacy – the right to be left alone by the government – has shrunk to the size of a postage stamp since 9/11. All, of course, under the disguise of “keeping us safe.” It’s not that we didn’t know almost immediately after the Twin Towers attack that it was conducted by legal Saudi passport holders. (Flight instructors had reported to the FBI Saudi students who “didn’t want to learn to land an airplane.” Still, Bush the Younger authorized the departure of a planeload of senior Saudi officials from America when air traffic nationwide was grounded.)

Bush continued his father’s policy of building the infrastructure to spy on the rest of us (Bush Sr. was director of central intelligence and CIA director 1976-77 under President Ford) to make sure we weren’t up to any “insurrecteous thoughts” against the shadow government of globalists, which were then operating just under the radar in the federal bureaucracy.

Bush the Younger’s biggest accomplishment was to convert private airport security, paid for by the airlines, to a massive new federal bureaucracy whose agents, just like their private security predecessors, miss nearly all firearms brought through checkpoints during agency audits. But the precedent of private travel by private citizens requiring government approval has been established, and the same bureaucracy now asserts its right over rail and bus travel as well.

Obama, never a valid candidate for president, because by his own admission his father was Kenyan (see his father’s nationality on his “birth certificate”), continued with the security theater implemented by Bush the Younger. As Snowden demonstrated, Obama has implemented the most massive state surveillance system in the history of the world. His “Justice Department” and FBI have now been shown as beholding to the Clintons and their Global Crime Initiative.

Coincident with making America a surveillance megatropolis beyond the old Soviet KGB and East German Stasi’s wildest dreams, Obama has imported, dispersed, fed, housed and protected from deportation its enemies, while requiring U.S. taxpayers to fund the Islamic war against America. He did this by shipping undocumented cash and gold to its enemies in the amount of $33.6 billion.

Through all this, Congress has rolled over for Obama belly rubs on both sides of the aisle. Members of Congress have had the power to turn off the money spigot and stop the madness this entire time. Instead, they chose to labor under an alcoholic speaker, John Boehner, who orchestrated the bipartisan roll overs.

Trillions of dollars have simply disappeared, we know not where, in the form of “stimulus.” We don’t know what it stimulated, because Congress no longer passes or enforces budgets. Government use of private email addresses is rampant, because the pesky Freedom of Information Act requests are so annoying. Just who do these peasants think they are, anyway. If you need to know, we’ll tell you!

Oh – and the paper voting trail has been eliminated in four competitive states. Direct Recording Electronic Systems have no paper backup, which is necessary to conduct an audit. Just trust us. Must get with the globalist agenda. We wouldn’t want to disappoint our masters-in-waiting.

Oh, Dec. 1? No, you figure it out. But the fact is, once the FBI places their botnet software on your computer, they can plant any evidence they wish on that computer, and they are “you” when they transfer money or post statements of insurrection on Web forums and social media, or engage in other illegal activity. With apologies to Sauron, “One warrant to rule them all.”



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