Dead People Are Voting In The Key Swing State Of Colorado

Colorado has been a key swing state in recent presidential elections after flip-flopping back and forth between support for Democratic and Republican candidates.  Obama won the state in the past two elections but George Bush prevailed for the two preceding contests while Bob Dole narrowly eked out a victory against Clinton in 1996.

That said, the margin of victory has often been very tight in Colorado which is what makes the recent discovery of voter fraud there so concerning.  An investigation by CBS Denver recently found that dozens of deceased Colorado citizens continued voting multiple years after their death…even though Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams assured CBS that “it is impossible to vote from the grave legally.”  While we’re disturbed by the voter fraud in Colorado, we’re so glad that the legality of the issue could be cleared up so easily.

According to CBS, one of the most glaring cases of voter fraud they found was of Sara Sosa who lived in Colorado Springs. Sosa died on Oct. 14, 2009 but CBS found that she continued to cast her ballot in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.  Likewise, her husband, Miguel, died on Sept. 26, 2008 but voted later in 2009.

Colorado’s Secretary of State confirmed the cases of voter fraud discovered by CBS, saying:

“We do believe there were several instances of potential vote fraud that occurred.  It shows there is the potential for fraud.  It’s not a perfect system. There are some gaps.”

Of course Colorado isn’t the only place where voter fraud occurs.  Project Veritas recently recorded a  series videos in Michigan showing just how easy it is to vote as someone else.  In the following video, the Project Veritas journalist claims she is Jocelyn Benson, the Dean of Wayne State University Law School, but that she lost her ID.  The “Poll Supervisor” is quick to reassure Mrs. Benson that as long as she signs the affidavit on the back of the ballot she is free to vote.  When the journalist pushes back and insists that she feels an obligation to prove her identity the Poll Supervisor reassures her that “nobody can vote twice” because if the real Jocelyn Benson subsequently comes in she won’t be able to vote “because you already voted.”  Perfect logic if we understand it correctly.  So just to clarify, each registered voter only gets one ballot…great, this seems reasonable…but it doesn’t necessarily matter so much who casts that ballot…wait, what?

PV Journalist:  “I feel like I should prove that I am who I am.”


Poll Supervisor:  “Your word is your proof is right here.


PV Journalist:  “And that’s fine?”


Poll Supervisor:  “Yup.  Because if somebody else comes in and says that they’re you, they can’t because you already voted.  So, you can’t vote twice, nobody can vote twice.  So once you vote, I don’t care who you are.


PV Journalist:  “You guys are fine with me just voting.”


Poll Supervisor:  “Yup I’m fine.  You’re not the first one that’s left you ID at home.

All signs point to a very interesting 2016 election.  Which candidate do you think appeals to dead voters the most?




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