Colostomy Clinton – Russians are funding UKIP!

Colostomy Clinton must be getting advice from deep down down inside her paranoia bunker.  Russia funding UKIP?  That’s not possible.  MI5 have been funding UKIP for decades, using the money to nudge in people to challenge Farage, and stop Brexit from becoming a reality.  They failed.  Isn’t it amazing that Farage is so bothering  Colostomy that she’s bothering to fire off at him day after day.  He’s hit a nerve alright!


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Team Clinton have continued their attacks on the Breitbart-UKIP nexus, with a top Hillary adviser boldly claiming: “the Russians are openly funding UKIP”. Neera Tanden made the extraordinary allegation in an interview with Politico:

“If you’re in Europe, the Russians are openly funding the far-right groups, from UKIP to Marine Le Pen … There is widespread knowledge among the center-left parties that that is a rising development

“Look at RT, Russia Today. The amount of time they spend propping up the third parties in the United States, the amount of time they spend attacking Hillary, and in ways that are just very aligned with the arguments of the Trump campaign. Russia has a history of playing in European politics. And we should not be surprised if they are attempting to do the same here.”

There has long been lurid speculation of clandestine financial links between the Kremlin and anti-establishment parties in Europe. Louise Mensch touches on them for Heat Street today. Of course, there is as yet no actual evidence to support any of the claims. It is certainly factually incorrect of Clinton’s aide to state that the Kremlin is “openly funding UKIP”. Kipper sources say those making the allegations are conspiracy theorists on the “paranoid lunatic fringe”Come on then Hillary, if you’ve got the evidence, let’s see it…

Clinton Aide Claims Kremlin Funding UKIP


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