Clintons control the media

We sent a YouTube video about Hillary to about 3,000 yesterday and while most replied and were in solid agreement, we received two in the negative.  Anyone can disagree – that is the right of all Americans and in our opinion, anyone else for that matter.  But if you are going to disagree, try to have your facts straight and look past theLamestream media because – and this may shock you – the Lamestream media lies!  Let’s look at the two who disagreed – violently!
The first said he was not going to vote for Donald Trump because of his destain for Mexican-Americans.  I reminded him that the Lamestream Media is in the pocket of the Clintons and the Democrat Party and will say anything to get her elected.  Further, I told him he should not be a Mexican-American any more than I should be an Irish-American or my wife be a Polish-American… an American!  Your heritage is great and everyone should be proud of their heritage, but if you are an American, be an American.  I have a friend, Jackson, in Brazil and he is black.  When I asked if he considered himself an African-Brazilian……I think he is still laughing.  He also thinks that being a hyphenated American is foolishly playing into someone else’s hands.  This Mexican-American replied with an angry reply and said he was blocking any emails from us.  We will try to live without him……
The other was a rather angry comment from the son of a U-Boat Commander who was a Member of Sharkhunters and a man I met and knew and respected.  This gentleman just knew that Trump will push the world into another World War.  Why?  Because that is what the press says.  We must remember that the press said his father and all U-Bootfahrer were raving Nazis who murdered helpless men in the water, hated God and prayed to Hitler.  When I was a kid growing up in the war years all Americans believed that and even today, that is taught.  Quite the contrary – the men of the U-Bootwaffe were some of the most honorable of the War; they were not Nazis because Kriegsmarine regulations stated that the men could not belong to ANY political party.  Their belt buckles said “Gott mit Uns” which means God is with us.  This man’s father and his friends in the U-Bootwaffe were good, honorable men but the press said they were all terrible criminals……just like the Lamestream press says all sorts of things about Trump that are untrue.
The sad thing however, is that our last political email said nothing about Trump at all – it merely showed the rapidly deteriorating health of Hillary Clinton; that’s all.
As you know, I recently returned from Europe – Germany, Austria, Poland, France and Monaco and saw that Donald Trump is roundly HATED!  Why?  Because the Lamestream press is in the pocket of the Clintons and the Democratic Party.  They must win at all costs.  Actually it is no big thing how the Europeans think about Trump – they cannot vote for him.  But American or from any other country – do not blindly accept what you see in the Lamestream press.  Look into any and all candidates for all elections here or in any other countries.  Know what you are talking about so you may make an intelligent decision. We can not trust the Lamestream media!
This is my opinion and may or may not be the opinion of Sharkhunters International
Harry Cooper

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  1. NPP says:

    Harry Cooper & Sharkhunters give good value for your $50 / year sub.
    Harry has previously said the best governor of Florida was Jeb Bush. Hmmm Harry. Really? Looks like a Clinton step-twin to me, but whatever floats yer U-boat.
    As he says, it is his opinion, but I might suggest his newsletters are more informative and honest than the BBC news.

    When will the mainstream properly address the Hitler story? Bunker? Argentina? Spain? At least Harry & co put boots on the ground and investigate.


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