Clinton campaign rolls out Hillary 2, after Hillary 1 collapses at 9/11 memorial

Bizarre conspiracy theory claims the pneumonia-stricken candidate has been replaced by a lookalike


  • Hillary Clinton had a ‘medical episode’ at 9/11 memorial ceremony
  • Conspiracy theorists think she was replaced with a body double
  • They claim photos show physical differences in Clinton after the incident
  • Clinton apparently emerged from daughter’s house ‘with bigger earlobes’  

Conspiracy theorists have claimed Hillary Clinton used a body double after she suffered a dizzy spell at the 9/11 memorial on Sunday.

Social media users have begun sharing photo comparisons of the Democratic candidate to point out supposed ‘physical differences’ in the Clinton that was seen emerging from her daughter Chelsea Clinton’s house after the medical episode.

Video of Clinton collapsing as she climbed into a van after visiting the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York City sparked health concerns.

The 68-year-old, who later announced she is suffering from pneumonia, insisted she did not faint but simply felt dizzy and stumbled.

She said after sitting in the air conditioning and drinking a glass of water she ‘immediately’ began feeling better and felt well enough to take a detour to visit her daughter Chelsea and her grandchildren.

However, critics say the woman who emerged from Chelsea’s apartment was a lookalike and not the real deal.

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Spot the difference? Social media users claim Hillary Clinton’s nose, earlobes, fingers and weight all appeared different after she emerged from her daughter Chelsea’s house on Sunday (left). She is pictured right in July this year

Video surfaced of Clinton appearing to stumble as she was led into a van after suffering a 'medical episode' after the 9/11 memorial service on Sunday

Video surfaced of Clinton appearing to stumble as she was led into a van after suffering a ‘medical episode’ after the 9/11 memorial service on Sunday

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4 Responses to “Clinton campaign rolls out Hillary 2, after Hillary 1 collapses at 9/11 memorial”

  1. beLIEve says:

    Hillary and Her Clone Have a Sick ‘911’ but Her CGI Agent Man Shines

    This ….VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED……from most of the internet.

    I can’t think why !

    • beLIEve says:

      Reference the video linked above……..

      One video is a….MIRROR IMAGE….of the other.

      SATANISTS apparently like……MIRROR IMAGES.

      To read such writing, the SCRIPT has to be HELD up to a MIRROR.

      So I imagine the EL-iteS ….SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM….are sending some sort of ……. SATANIC MESSAGE through the creation of these MATCHING MIRROR videos.

      • beLIEve says:

        It looks like the HILLdaBEAST …MIRROR VIDEOS…posted above by me are……. STAGED.

        Comments below the video on Youtube say the STAGED VIDEO is showing a SLIM Hillary, not the authentic FAT Hillary !

        However the SATANIC ELEMENT to the STAGED VIDEO may well be the RKM telegraphing ….THEIR …INTENT TO ……….CANCEL the US ELECTION.

        WHY ?
        FOLLOW the MONEY !

        The EL-iteS….SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM….are “apparently”….LOOTING ….$BILLIONS per annum ….FROM the US TAXPAYER.

        The HILLdaBEAST is NOT GOING to WIN the ELECTION so the ………..
        …..LOOTING ……could be JEOPARDIZED.

        ALSO….. Assange is “apparently” going to do another “DROP” on Hillary…..”WITCH”……… is expected to “ruffle a few feathers”.

        Obama is likely to be extended and the POSTPONEMENT of the ELECTION may serve as the BLACK SWAN EVENT that …..BRINGS DOWN the DOLLAR.

        AND following on with a link detailing the DESPERATION of the RKM to …..HANG on to the STOLEN SWAG.

  2. Nollidge says:

    No “theory”. A simple,photographically provable FACT. Go here;

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