Arrest The Cabinet

Have you seen this TAP? It involves fracking. It’s from 2015, but new to me.
Arrest The Cabinet:
Paul Mobbs attempts to perform a citizen’s arrest of members of the Cabinet at Downing Street for their misconduct in public office, in relation to their links and deals over fracking.

He has produced an amazing infographic, the Frackogram, which outlines connections between the oil industry, academics, media, and government.…

TAP – Yes.  I met and listened to Paul Mobbs.  He’s a good researcher with great facts and material.  He’s never teamed up with Ian Crane, and works from within the system – a University lecturer.  I find his political approach a little unhinged.  Ian Crane is doing the best work getting the message out –



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  1. Human says:

    @ Police:
    “you are obstructing justice”.

    Working for the political mafia mob has always been about obstructing justice and protecting the political mafia mob. The police have never been smart enough to see this truth, it is just a career doing what they are told to do for the wage and the status, those that are perceived to be of power and their crimes are a protection racket that is protected by the police that refuse to, or cannot see their own crime.

    Paul Mobbs hit a key point and they know it’s true.

  2. NPP says:

    I seemed to have submitted the wrong link (John B. Wells), though you have published the correct video:

    I’m not sure it matters if one approach is better than the other… both Crane and this chap Mobbs are being pro-active in a constructive manner. Good to have them around.

    It is the reaction of the police that gets me – they really do come across as programmed automatons, while Mobbs is calm, determined, courteous and giving them a lesson in how better to understand their job as law enforcers.

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