Depopulation of coastal Wales planned over the next 45 years

Coastal communities in Wales are being abandoned.  Despite no rising of sea levels for 70 years.  Local Authorities are planning a managed retreat, moving people away from the sea over the next 45 years.  It’s a massive depopulation exercise.  Agenda 21.  People will be told their homes are no longer sustainable and they will have to go.

The village of Fairbourne in North West Wales in being threatened with extinction through fear-mongering based on projection. Sea Level rises which are based on projections are being used to depopulate the area.
Sea Level Expert Nils Axl Morner takes apart the fraudulent claims which are threatening this and other coastal communities around the uk.
The village is bringing a court case against the policy destroying their property and community.
Published on Aug 28, 2016
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