State sponsored criminal kidnap

Tonight at 11pm on The Kev Baker Show…
STATE SPONSORED KIDNAP… with special guest David Scott
Tonight we are joined by David Scott to go over the shocking case involving Janice & Brian Docherty who were approached by a neighbour who offered 25,000 pounds for their young son. This neighbour told them at the time that they should not say no to him confident that he had the backing of authorities. When they went to the authorities in Scotland they were threatened, their home broken into and pets hurt, and much much more at each and every step of the way. All their children were taken off them in an unlawful manner with no claims of neglect. This story will shock you to the core & show just how easily it could happen to any of us!

We should all now be aware of the changes that are quickly coming into play allowing the State more power… they are changing laws, attempting to bring in laws that work against us especially when it comes to taking children from us. It will get worse unless we stand up, support each other, share the story and stand up to them. David will also get into the Named Person program that is set to unleash government goons on the families of Scotland. SHARE SHARE SHARE EVERYWHERE!!!
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  1. RabbiT says:


    Very interesting!

    Brian Docherty shares that in this case a judge involved described his submissions to the Scottish Government as “Explosive”.


    Brian and Janice Docherty rent a cottage from Viscount Petersham of Crimonmogate Estate, North East Scotland (Hollie Greig territory).

    They report to the police that their immediate neighbour Alan Low (a police officer?) offers them £25,000 to buy their autistic son.

    The couple report such to their landlord Viscount Petersham and the Serious Crime Squad.

    Alan Low brings in a mini digger and begins to dig up parts of the estate at night.

    Viscount Petersham evicts the couple.

    Otherwise completely stonewalled, the Scottish Establishment come down on the couple and remove their children and seek to have the couple sectioned.

    Eventually they get the children back on an interim basis.

    Alex Thompson (of GCHQ?) and UK Column contributor posts the following on You Tube:

    “A police source has since told us little children’s bodies were dug up from Crimonmogate and dumped at sea by complicit Coastguards.”

    That’s as far as I have got into this post…it is indeed “explosive!”

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