UKIP leadership battles could decide BREXIT


TAP – If it wasn’t for UKIP, there would have been no referendum.  And for UKIP, you could really substitute one name – Farage.  Without him and the referendum, there would be no BREXIT.

The movement within UKIP’s National Executive Committee to block Farage’s chosen candidates, is in essence, a move to block, or water down BREXIT.

That’s why the heat is on.  Farage resigned due to death threats.  He needed a rest from it all, to rebuild after a gruelling campaign, in which he gave his all.  He needs to get a full-on BREXIT campaigner like himself, or the Conservative/MI5 infiltration of the party, could undo all his good work.

GUIDO FAWKES explains some of what is going on in the party right now –

Five members of the UKIP NEC which voted to block Steven Woolfe from the ballot had potential conflicts of interest, leaked messages reveal. Woolfe was barred from standing by an NEC majority of 9-3. Among those who voted were Rob McWhirter, who Guido can reveal previously endorsed Lisa Duffy on a private UKIP discussion forum. On 13 July, McWhiter wrote:

“I have just posted my form assenting to her candidacy”

Another NEC voter, John Bickley, also previously posted on the UKIP forum that he is backing Duffy. He wrote on 10 July:

“She will be a very good candidate.”

The vote to stop Woolfe, Duffy’s main rival, took place three weeks later…

A third NEC voter was Alan Bown, who Lisa Duffy has publicly confirmed is her main financial backer. A fourth, Adrianne Smythe, later admitted in an email to UKIP’s lawyers that she was conflicted because “I have assented for one of the candidates”. Douglas Carswell says he doesn’t have a dog in the fight though obviously he’s not a fan of Farage, who wanted Woolfe to win. Allies of Steven Woolfe say this is evidence the NEC vote was a sham and are considering a legal challenge…






4 Responses to “UKIP leadership battles could decide BREXIT”

  1. Men Scryfa says:

    They should proceed with a legal challenge, we at the Tap will automatically support Farage’s candidate as the least Weak of the selection and the least likely to be a traitor and crypto-jew. Those who seek to destroy UKIP from within and to prevent BREXIT are clearly Traitors and either belong to or work for World Jewry.
    I along with many others are now calling for Arrests, Trials and Executions on Conviction. Long Live Britain. Praise Be Unto GOD!

    • Tapestry says:

      Yet Murdoch backs BREXIT. World Jewry seems to be divided for once. Better than calling for a Police State would be to cll for democracy. That’s what Farage et al are doing.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        I am herding them in your direction. It is yin and yang so the only viable option left is not the MI5/Tory option – objective No.1

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    I wouldn’t even bother with a trial for Murdock I would just take him out the back

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