UKIP becomes RECA


The scene of the crime – Serial child killer Edward Heath giving his country away. 

17 million (at least) people in Britain voted for Brexit in 2016, and to undo the crime committed 44 years earlier.

Yet Parliament is sitting on its hands.

UKIP is riven with internal strife from which it may not easily recover.

Where do eurosceptics/freedom lovers go to next?

There is only one battle left to fight, and that’s the battle in Westminster to give Brexit wings and get the country out of the EU.

(Beyond that there will be plenty more of course, but first steps first)

If the Conservatives and UKIP continue letting us all down, there will be the need for a new political organisation – one to deliver Brexit by Repealing the 1972 European Communities Act.

Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is simply an optional period of notice, and a negotiating process.

We would not become free of EU law by signing Article 50.

The RECA movement should be founded as soon as possible.  If UKIP is lost.  If May flunks it.  A date must be set.  We can’t shilly shally forever.

January 2017?

Who should launch RECA?

Best would be Farage with his chosen lieutenants from UKIP.

Either as a subdivision/faction within UKIP allied with eurosceptic MPs or as an alternative grouping to UKIP.

The campaign for the referendum was won.

Repealing the ECA 1972 is the new frontline.

Britain is only free of the EU once the ECA 1972 is repealed.

So RECA it is.  The campaign starts here.

UPDATE – It was thinking RECA as in Costa ‘Rica’.  Of course it will soon become ‘wrecker’!  Oh well back to the drawing board…

Unless people like the idea of supporting an acronym with an interesting synonym.




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    Hear! Hear!

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