UKIP leadership war. The outcome will decide BREXIT.

The cabal that desires to control British politics, and is already controlling the three main parties, is trying to sink UKIP.  If they can do that, and prevent the party from operating democratically through its constituencies, Farage’s control of the Party will end, and the party will be neutered as a force for British independence.  The Conservatives will be able to slink away from BREXIT, and UKIP will simply fall into line behind them.  If Farage can keep control, a failure to push through BREXIT by the Conservatives would in all likelihood lead to a collapse of support and another final surge for UKIP, pushng the party into Westminster in large enough numbers to force through BREXIT.


If UKIP can be saved, then BREXIT will fly.  Guido Fawkes of explains what’s going on behind the scenes this weekend.  Good luck Nigel Farage.  I am sure he’s praying over his IPA right now!

ukip leadership 2016

Guido –

Allies of Nigel Farage and Steven Woolfe believe they have the numbers to call an Extraordinary General Meeting and attempt to abolish UKIP’s NEC. They need 25% of UKIP branches to vote for an EGM for one to be called. Since Woolfe was the favourite among members before he was blocked from the ballot that shouldn’t be a problem. Arron Banks says an announcement could come today and a new party constitution will be proposed…

Also worth keeping an eye on Diane James. The Faragists might like to abolish the NEC and rerun the leadership contest, but if that doesn’t happen they are left with two choices: split and form a new party, or back a candidate who is on the ballot. They want to stop Evans/O’Flynn-backed Lisa Duffy at all costs. That leaves Diane as the only credible choice…

UPDATE 10:52am: UKIP MEPs and branch chairmen are now hitting the phones to organise a resolution to call a full party EGM. Big day for UKIP behind the scenes…

UKIP EGM Imminent


4 Responses to “UKIP leadership war. The outcome will decide BREXIT.”

  1. Tom74 says:

    This is correct. But I’m afraid many of the signs are that UKIP have long been dancing to the Tories’/the establishment’s tune, hence Farage’s lame surrender in the general election after causing damage to Labour in the North. Then the way he was pushed aside in the referendum campaign by Tory conmen Johnson, Gove and IDS.

    • Tapestry says:

      Farage is tiring of the death threats, and the Party has to build new ‘big beasts’ to spread the load. The NEC is trying to ensure second rate leadership wins so the Party falls back. If too many UKIP constituencies have fallen under ‘control’ the game will be up. But if enough are run democratically and fairly, they will vote to end the NEC, and the members will select a strong leader. Some UKIP constituencies are MI5 run. Suzanne in Shrewsbury where I was once a candidate seems suspect. The guy who took over when I resigned was very ‘sus’, ensuring nothing ever happened. I am sure other constituencies are cabal penetrated. But maybe not enough to overpower the democratic urge to Brexit. Let’s hope.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Personally I think this Mi5 attack on UKIP is wonderful. Let the crypto Jews and homos at five expose themselves and their treacheries even further then we can call forward the strongman to deal with them. Glorious. This is all about revenge now.

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