“There’s a shadow government running the country, and it’s not up for re-election.” | An Introduction to “Deep Politics”

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pdf. 111 pages of links, explanations, connections, graphs, that explain the deep state …………..

“. . .all the physical and conceptual walls
associated with the modern, sovereign state—the
walls that divide domestic from international, the
police from the military, intelligence from law
enforcement, war from peace, and crime from war—are
coming down.”
The Manhattan Institute

1. An Introduction to “Deep Politics”

DC insider Mike Lofgren has said that “There’s a shadow government running the country, and it’s not up for re-election.”
Defense expert William Arkin says that a “terrified government is destroying the constitution.” But neither of these individuals ever gets around to naming any names. From a reading of their accounts, one could only conclude that no actual, specific human beings are responsible, only vague institutions like Wall Street , the Military Industrial Complex, and a “terrified government”.
Obviously, however, institutions are made up – entirely – of human beings. And the good news is that sociologists know, to some degree, who they are.In this white paper we’re going to introduce some key players to you, and we’re also going to tellyou what they’ve been up to the last few years. (Unfortunately, it could hardly be more alarming.)

One faction of the “shadow government” is comprised of “defense” contractors and revolvingdoor, ex-government “neo-cons” a la Dick Cheney. Another faction is made up of executives of transnational financial institutions, corporations and banks. All are politically active; but, as we’ll see, there exists an inner core which has long focused on the executive branch. More peripheral
organizations, though related, and certainly significant, have other priorities.
The primary aim of this document is to provide a quick and very rough introduction to this inner core, which is largely (though, of course, not exclusively) responsible for many of the problems that concern most Americans.

To do this we’ll focus on the most tightly-integrated core players
only. Much of what you’ll discover will shock you, so we’ve made this paper self-documenting.
But to keep it readable, we’ve moved most of that documentation into appendices, with the exception of fairly extensive hyperlinking.
If you do want to learn more about individuals and organizations beyond the inner core – and you really should – a terrific introduction is available from sociologist Peter Phillips of Project Censored. Here’s that link. And a good overview of the transnational financial framework is available from David Korten here. You can find other relevant names named at another white paper written by Phillips here.
The core faction in question is comprised of the CEOs of a relatively small group of cross-affiliated corporations, including, crucially, media corporations. We’ll refer to this Executive branch insider clique as the Business Roundtable/Council on Foreign Relations Nexus. (Because that’s a bit of a mouthful, from this point forward we’ll also just call it “the Nexus” or the “BRT/CFR Nexus”.)

much, much more and BTW Cryptome is a good site that takes you outside of the right/left perspective and into the deeper side of what is really happening.



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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Maybe we need a coup d’etat?

  2. Nollidge says:

    When Nixon resigned & Ford took over, John Lennon – who was having immigration problems at that time – was asked by a reporter “does the change of government help you”?.
    Lennon replied “when did it change” .
    That was the first inkling I had of what we now know as “Deep State”.

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