The war against your garden


In WW2 gardeners were heroes.  They produced food.  Dig For Victory was the unforgettable slogan.  In Washington’s WW3 which John Pilger says has already begun, gardeners are no longer heroes.  They are criminals bypassing corporate control.  WW2 pretended to be a war between nations.  In fact WW1 and WW2 were wars against humanity, orchestrated to fight each other by a hidden cabal.

In WW3 things are just getting more obvious as to what the real game behind all these wars really is.  Depopulation is one aim.  Dehumanising us and destroying the free choice in favour of centralised corporate control is another.   Gardeners are being targeted.


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  1. RabbiT says:

    I have worked in government and have knowledge in this area. Interesting that as I listened to the article I was astonished that the City had taken it upon themselves to cut down her plants. The City can ask she do so and if she refuses the City would require a court order before acting in this way. I suggest the person in City Hall who gave the instruction and by doing so invited the law suit, needs to be fired for abuse of power and wasting public funds.

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