The Secret Life of a Pedophile (Part 1 of 3)

by July 30, 2016

This is an introduction by John Scott Montecristo and Lasha Darkmoon to a forthcoming interview with ‘Don’, a self-confessed pedophile. The long interview with Don is broken up into two parts and these will follow in Part 2 and Part 3 of this 3-part article.   


Thylane Blondeau, 10-year-old Vogue supermodel:
a notorious example of the hypersexualized child 


EDITOR JOHN SCOTT MONTECRISTO:  On December 12, 2013 an article appeared on the Darkmoon site with the title “Child Porn and Pedophilia to be legal soon.” Authored by Pandora Pushkin—a pen name at the time for Lasha Darkmoon—the article was subsequently to appear on a number of other websites where it attracted some attention by its claim that the systematic sexualization of children was being actively promoted by the elite corporate media and that it was only a matter of time before child porn and pedophilia were legalized. Is that correct, Lasha?

LASHA DARKMOON:  Yes, that is correct.

MONTECRISTO:  Almost a year after its original publication, in November, the same article for some reason went viral on Facebook, leading to a 1000 percent jump in page views. It’s for this reason that the current article ought to be of special interest to our readers. This is because  the material for the article is drawn entirely from verifiable comments which can be read in their unedited entirety here. (Scroll down to ‘Comments’)

These comments appear in the form of a candid conversation between two people on the site in the Comments section: between ‘Don’, a self-confessed pedophile, and a member of the public professing to be a clinical psychologist who asks permission to ‘interview’ Don online. Don readily agrees and promises to tell the truth about his life in pedophilia and how he gradually developed a taste for little girls.

Before we start the interview between Don and this clinical psychologist, may I ask if you have anything you’d like to say?

DARKMOON:  Two points. First, the interview between Don and the psychologist has been edited for brevity, but everything they say in this condensed interview can be found in unedited form here, in the Comment section of our website. Second and more importantly, the member of the public who interviews Don on our website and who gets Don to open up and reveal the most intimate secrets of his life in pedophilia, has done so under the pseudonym of “Balthazar”. But this is not the psychologist’s real name. I have asked his permission to publish this edited interview with Don and he has given his permission only on the condition that I change his name from “Balthazar” to “Dr David Green”. He claims this is his real name.

MONTECRISTO: How extraordinary! Isn’t Dr David Green one of our regular posters?

DARKMOON: He used to be. But no longer. He has dropped out of sight. Anyone who does a simple check, however, will discover that Dr David Green used to be a prolific poster on our site a couple of years ago.

MONTECRISTO:  Do we have proof that Dr David Green is a qualified pychologist?

DARKMOON:  None whatsoever. We have to take him on trust. His interview with Don is conducted professionally. All his questions are pertinent. We have no reason to distrust him. Nor has he anything to gain by claiming he is a clinical psychologist when he isn’t. For the purpose of this interview, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

MONTECRISTO: Okay, I have no problem with that…. By the way, may I ask why you have let all this valuable information lie about in our Comments section for almost three years … without doing anything about it? Why resurrect it all now?

DARKMOON:  It’s because people  keep writing to me all the time about their sex problems. Only the other day I received an email asking for advice on porn addiction. Pedophilia was indirectly involved. So this got me thinking about Don. I said to myself, “Let’s publish Don’s memoirs. Maybe they’ll help someone.”

If you’re wondering why people keep writing to me asking for advice on porn addiction, it’s because of my articles on sex and pornography, especially “Pornography’s Effect on the Brain.” I’ve received dozens of letters from porn addicts desperate to break free from their addiction, worried sick that compulsive masturbation over pornography will damage their brains. I had considered all the scientific evidence carefully, citing the work of several experts on the subject, and was drawn to the inevitable conclusion that compulsive masturbation over a long period of time not only led to serious personality disorders but actually damaged the pre-frontal lobes physically. In other words, brain damage occurred.

MONTECRISTO:  How is this relevant to Don and his pedophile practices?

DARKMOON:  In two obvious ways. Firstly, most pedophiles spend 90 per cent of their sex time masturbating to child porn. Many pedophiles never have any sexual contact with real children. Fantasy sex, not real sex, forms the staple of their sex lives.

In this article, you will hear how Don got hung up over a particular little girl he is meeting up with almost every day. He is not having penetrative sex with her. He is not overtly abusing her. He has a crush on her. He is getting sexually worked up as she sits on his lap. He admits to masturbating over her in secret. Meanwhile, she is totally unaware of his sexual ardor. But on a subconscious level she appears to be inciting him to lust by her clinginess and provocative playfulness. He is almost in love with her. Besotted. I think “infatuated” would be the right word.

All in all, I would regard this article as an important sociological document that will help to throw light on the origins of pedophilia. Don wasn’t born a pedophile, you see, he became one gradually in later life. He was absolutely normal to start with. What happened to Don could in fact happen to anyone. I explain this in more detail at the end of Part 3 in a section called “Manufacturing Pedophilia: The Systematic Sexualization of Children.”

MONTECRISTO: You believe that pedophilia is being deliberately manufactured?

DARKMOON:  Absolutely. No one nowadays questions the proposition that children are being deliberately sexualized. This is common knowledge. Children are encouraged to look and behave like little sex dolls. They use lipstick, they dress provocatively, they flash their panties, they pout and preen like whores in the making. Frankly, they are groomed to look and behave like child prostitutes. And all this with their parents’ consent and collusion — parents who can be compared to pimps. To say this is not even controversial. Everyone knows it. There are scores of articles and videos dealing with this precise subject.

MONTECRISTO:  We know that sexualization of children is going on. Granted. No problem. But this is an entirely different proposition, isn’t it, from the idea that pedophiles are being systematically manufactured on some kind of assembly line? Why would our ideological Masters, the ruling elite, try to increase the number of pedophiles in society?

DARKMOON: Because our Masters are a hostile elite and they are essentially evil. Mass demoralization is their aim. They encourage all the sexual perversions. Anyone acquainted with internet porn—anyone who has researched the subject or been exposed to the virus of online pornography—knows that incest, bestiality, pedophilia, sado-masochism, fetishism, coprophilia, are all being actively promoted.

MONTECRISTO: I find it easy enough to believe that some people—i.e., degenerates—have no qualms about promoting pedophilia and other perversions in society, but I find it hard to believe that the government is involved!

DARKMOON:  Well, you wouldn’t feel so sanguine about the government if you knew that the government itself is full of degenerates and perverts of all kinds. Look at the British MP Lord Janner, protected by the Director of Public Prosecutions after engaging in a lifelong career of raping little boys with impunity. Nothing whatever was done to bring this pedophile pervert to justice. Whether this was because Lord Janner was a government bigwig and a Freemason, or whether it was because he was an elite Jew, is open to question.

MONTECRISTO: Do you think there could be a correlation between the number of sexually provocative children and the number of pedophiles in society?

DARKMOON:  Of course! Do you really think a nation of unattractive children is likely to produce a surplus of pedophiles? The more tempting the children, the more the number of adults who are going to be tempted by them!

Can you be so naive as to think that millions of children are being sexualized—that they are being made to look and behave like child prostitutes—and that men meanwhile are expected to pay no attention to their seductive provocations? that men are expected to remain coldly indifferent to the charms of these pretty little doll children ? Child whores are not produced in a vacuum. This is a supply and demand situation. Tasty dishes are cooked to be eaten. In the same way, sexy children are being deliberately created in order to be sexually desired. Result: manufactured pedophilia.

MONTECRISTO:  I still don’t understand . . . why should our rulers want to create a society with lots of pedophiles?

DARKMOON:  The elite manufacturers of the matrix want to do this because they are are essentially evil. Mass demoralization is their aim. They want a culture of despair, a godless world. They want a society of demoralized sex slaves, all the better to control them. They are themselves utterly degenerate, stewed and marinated in corruption, so they have no scruples about reducing everyone else to their bestial level.

MONTECRISTO: Okay, thanks for this introduction to a very controversial and thought-provoking topic. Before we begin the interview, can you define what a pedophile is — and how he differs from other people who are attracted to sexual partners of a different age?

DARKMOON:  Broadly speaking, a pedophile is a person whose preferred sexual partner is a “child” (of either sex) or someone under the legal age of consent. Not all pedophiles are indifferent to adult partners, but if given a choice, they always opt for children.

First of all, there are those men—and they are almost always men—who are sexually attracted to babies and toddlers. They will even rape these babies, some as young as 2-3 weeks old and going up to the age of 3-4. After that, they lose interest in the child. These are called nepiophiles; they refer to themselves in their own kinky circles as “neps”, for they actually work in secret gangs and swap photos of naked babies in prams and cradles and so on. Totally weird! A group of these perverts was recently rounded up in England, but they are sadly to be found all over the world.

The classic pedophile begins to show an interest in children as young as 4-5, with maximum attraction being felt for children in the 7-9-year-old range. Usually these children are all prepubescent. Round about age 10-11 many girls begin the process of puberty. Girls of this age attract the pedophile too, but somewhat less so than girls in the 7-9 year range. Pubescent children aged 11-14 attract another type of pedophile called the hebephile. Roman Polanski was a hebephile. He drugged and seduced a girl of 13. He was let off the hook because he was a famous film director who happened to be Jewish. For people like that, a different law applies.

We see this again in the case of Lord Janner, another very important British Jew, a member of Parliament, who was allowed to get away with child rape and homosexual buggery over a 20-year period. (Sorry, I digress). Then there are those who are attracted to late adolescents, age 15-19, and these are called ephebophiles. These are generally regarded as pretty normal, though they have to be careful to check out the age of consent in the particular country in which they are living.

Most normal adults are attracted to other adults, the maximum attraction being for those in their late teens and twenties. However, there are a very small group of people (maybe 0.15 per cent of the population) who are attracted to elderly and even geriatric folk. These probably developed their fetish after being seduced as children by a much older person.

MONTECRISTO:  Okay, so let’s get on with the interview now. This is about an American male in his late thirties who started out pretty normal, fancying women of his own age, but who gradually found himself bitten by the pedophile bug.

DARKMOON (summing up) : Yes, this could happen to anyone. In fact, it’s happening right now to tens of thousands of people. Mostly men. They are being turned into pedophiles so that our rulers can have the world they want: a dystopian world of sex slaves and degenerates.

MONTECRISTO : Can you assure me this article has no salacious content? It’s not going to corrupt anyone?

DARKMOON :  No way! I should hope not! I mean, the entire conversation has been lying around in the Comment section of our website for almost three years. The article attracted over 300 comments—not a single complaint among them!

MONTECRISTO : Okay, that’s good to know. We don’t want to be accused of encouraging pedophilia just by talking about it. You’d like to start with a short video, I believe?

DARKMOON :  Yes, here is a scene from a Hollywood movie, The Woodsman, aimed at the pedophile market. I am running this because it serves as a good introduction to the article that follows in Parts 2 and 3.

However much the hypocritical media whores try to pretend this is a “responsible” movie attempting to perform a public service by casting a sympathetic, understanding and compassionate light on a lovable human being who happens to lust after little girls, I beg to differ.

This is an essentially prurient movie that sexualizes children and serves as pedophile propaganda. There is nothing “touching” about it whatsoever, as spuriously claimed, given that a scene has to be psychologically plausible before it can be touching. The three people seeing it with me were uniformly disgusted. None of them was even remotely touched. One said, “How can these Hollywood pervs get away this vile crap?”

The movie is co-written by Stephen Fechter and Nicole Kassell, both of whose names have a (((suspicious))) ring to them.

MONTECRISTO : You believe both the scriptwriters are Jewish?

DARKMOON:  I’d be surprised if they were not.

MONTECRISTO : You’re basically saying this movie is an attempt to sell pedophilia to the public. To normalize it. What makes the movie psychologically implausible?

DARKKMOON : There is no way a shy 11-year-old girl in real life would head straight for a remote bench in a park and sit down beside a creepy stranger who starts chatting her up right away. After five minutes of casual conversation with this sad loner about robins and finches, in which she manages to reveal that her dad could be abusing her sexually, the bashful little girl offers to sit on the stranger’s lap, not once but twice!—an offer he nobly rejects after a heroic struggle, although he has himself just asked her “Would you like to sit on my lap?”

The whole idea is too ridiculous for words. But this is what Hollywood does so well: pedophile sexual fantasies dressed up as “art”, all disguised as compassionate concern for a tortured minority who can’t stop lusting after little children.

The reason I preface the interview with Don by this pretentious 7-minute scene from The Woodsman is to drive home the point that pedophiles like Don are being mass-produced by the people who have a stranglehold over our media and dominate our society with their sleaze culture. Don wouldn’t be impressed by this “touching” scene. He would see through it at once as an advertisement for pedophilia, a brazen attempt to push back the barriers and normalize sexual perversion.

Judge for yourself.

VIDEO : 7 mins

Continued in Part 2 : The Making of a Pedophile



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