The Clintons knew 911 was coming and did nothing

This is a well made presentation which gives the background to the Clintons.  The lies.  The sex.  The drugs.  The money-laundering.  The murders.  The Clintons ran one of the biggest drug-smuggling operations in the United States.  Having succeeded in running organised crime so successfully in Arkansas, Clinton wanted to go for national office and see if he could do the same thing as he was doing in Arkansas, nationally.  He was addicted to cocaine, had terrible sinus problems as a result.  He was hospitalised on occasions for overdosing on cocaine.

The Clintons ran toga parties, sex and cocaine.  People were terrified of testifying against the Clintons.  They rightfully feared for their lives.

Corrupt cops, judges and politicians were put into position by the Clintons.   Suspicious deaths started as witnesses were taken out.  The whole system was ready to defend the Clintons. Ludicrous judgements were allowed to stand, as long as the Clintons were protected.  Dozens of witnesses were hit.  Many died.   Others ended up on false charges and in jail.  Many brave people have tried to speak out.  Many are still trying, despite the risks.  Not one successful drugs prosecution has ever been brought in Arkansas against the Clintons’  Mena Airport operation.  The drug-smuggling operation goes on until this day.

Others were media assassinated.  Like Larry Nichols, whose reputation was trashed in Arkansas, after he exposed the Clintons.  He’s never recovered his good name, as the media kisses the people who have the money.  Clinton controlled the Attorneys, the Police, the banks and the media.  Clinton doesn’t care about money.  He cares about power.  He puts money into his friends’ pockets, and they protect him.   His circle of power at that time was complete.

This one focuses more on Hillary….Whitewater and on from there, Travelgate and the trial of Billy Dale.    Jeez, that woman is pure evil.  The women who are abused by Bill, and forced to keep silent in terror.  Hillary did the sorting of the women.  She’s a master of the black arts of power politics.

The Clintons knew about 911 coming, that Bin Laden was a threat to New York, but they refused all opportunities to deal with the threat.  The Clintons insisted on Disney’s movie The Path To 911 being doctored to hide the truth.  They had documents removed from the National Archive by Sandy Berger.  He has now been re-appointed as Hillary Clinton’s adviser on Foreign Policy. Hillary flip-flops on policy with great regularity.  The record of her role in Bill Clinton’s Presidency is under lock and key and has not been released by the National Archive.



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