Tap sends £20 a month to Ian Crane with thanks

If it wasn’t for Ian Crane, we wouldn’t have known about fracking.  Thank God we did, because when a site was proposed at Brooklands Farm in North Shropshire three years ago, we were ready to fight.  The upshot of that state of readiness is that Shropshire is no longer on the list of counties that might be fracked, as the whole community rallied round and get fracking banned countywide.  Having Ian’s films like Voices From The Gasfields and presentations available was extremely helpful.


I want Ian to keep broadcasting so I’m sending him a small contribution.  I hope other frackers do the same.  Thanks Ian.


Here he is explaining Theresa May’s deception about handing money to fracked villagers.  A lump sum is offered – (unlikely it would ever happen btw) – a great way to get cancer.  Be paid for it.

In the above video Ian updates us on the latest drilling proposition in Yorkshire to frack.  The latest site is adjacent to Flamingoland – the key tourist money earner in North Yorkshire.  They have late in the day issued a statement of opposition.  They are within one kilometre of the proposed gas drilling site, the centre of the sacrifice zone.  The village is Kirby Misperton.


As for the payments on offer to local home owners, Third Energy has huge debts which will have to be paid before any profits can be declared.  Their current net worth is minus 48 million pounds.  They are 97% owned by Barclays Bank, to whom the money is owed.  If and when they start producing, it will be a very long time before there is any profitability, by which stage they will have to pay tax.  Decommissioning costs will also kick in, and can be estimated by accountants at a high enough level to eliminate any profits.

PART 3 covers Radioactive Waste Management – a company looking to dump nuclear waste underground somewhere in England and Wales.  Deep geological disposal is being researched to drop down deep wells.  This programme could well be linked to fracking.

Underground coal gasification is still licenced in the UK.  In Australia tis has gone ahead, the coal seams are set alight.  It’s polluted 320 square kilometres.  One family was hit by this beneath their property, and the father committed suicide.

Crawberry Hill is still the only site in Britain where the company Raithlin Energy had approval to frack, and yet it has been returned to agriculture.  The reason was the local community made it clear that Raithlin did not have a social licence.  There is a documentary being made of how the local community ran Raithlin out of town.

TV campaign by Darren Brown getting the message out.

Lancashire Press in reply to Theresa May’s bribe – ‘we won’t be bought’

The Sun – an article by Matt Ridley (Owen Paterson’s brother in law!), claims fracking is clean.  Done properly it doesn’t leak gas, or poison water.  Article is ridiculously superficial.  He is actually Viscount Ridley, a Conservative member of the House Of Lords.  His CV doesn’t say he was Chairman of Northern Rock, which started the global banking crisis in 2007.  The bank was 80 times over-leveraged.  He admitted catastrophic black mark on his CV.  He knew nothing about finance.  Now he knows nothing about fracking.  He has the SIDAM touch.  Zero credibility.



Stocksbridge screening of Voices In The Gasfields.

Then Wakefest on bank holiday weekend.  24 hour pre-event location advice.


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  1. NPP says:

    Ian R Crane is undertaking sterling work… as are UK Column, 21st Century Wire. Money well spent TAP.

    Compare this to the £multi-million taxpayer funded national broadcasting service, the BBC…. well, we must keep Brian Cox, David Attenborough, Lyse Ducet, Frank Gardner, Nick Robinson & co going, must we not!? Where would we be without their cutting edge insights?!

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