Nigel Farage at Trump Rally in Jackson, Mississippi


Bill Still

Published on Aug 24, 2016

Good evening, I’m still reporting on Trump.
Nigel Farage joined Donald Trump at his rally in Jackson, Mississippi tonight.

TAP – He seems to connect well with a US audience.  If Trump makes it to President, he would be in a  strong position to negotiate.  The problem is he has no seat in Parliament, courtesy of election rigging.  If Brexit frustration boils over, UKIP MPs will surely start landing in Parliament in droves.  It’s a long call, but worth playing.  There is no other.

Nigel Farage Interview with RSBN at Donald Trump Rally in Jackson, MS 8/24/16


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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Trump has about as much chance of becoming President as Farage has of becoming President of the EU.

    This is all innocent or intended shabbo style kabuki theatre for the goys.

    It keeps real threats to the ‘International Order’ from coming to the fore.

    It’s time to put the Janner Family on the Witness Stand. What did they and their “Community” Leaders know and when.

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