Russia replaces US as world’s weapons supplier of choice

Russia is on the verge of securing its first export order for the Su-34 Fullback bomber.

Algeria – which is dealing with its own Islamic insurgencies – has asked Moscow to supply it with the export version of the new bomber.

Indonesia, India and Malaysia have expressed interest in buying Fullback jets.

Jordan is consulting with Moscow on buying a batch of Su-34s too.

The United States has refused to satisfy Jordan’s need for attack aircraft equipped to deliver high precision strikes.

The Jordanian Air Force is still using dumb bombs against Islamic State lacking targeting pods for precise guidance.


Jordan’s request is of particular interest as its Air Force has been dominated by Western aircraft so far. Jordan is seeking to diversify its military trade alliance and Russia has a lot to offer, for instance, the Su-34 cutting edge attack aircraft. Moving away from the US to Russia as a military trade partner is an emerging trend in the Middle East. For instance, Egypt has moved out of US orbit to import Russian aircraft like MiG-29 and Ka-52 helicopters. If Su-34 enters service with the Royal Jordanian Air Force, it would highlight Russia’s growing influence in the region with the US obviously ceding its position. The impressive performance in Syria makes the Su-34 bomber go global.


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