Ron Paul says ‘CIA involved’ in government overthrow in Ukraine, war brewing over Crimea (VIDEO)

14th Aug 2016 by

Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams skillfully dissect the latest storm clouds hanging over Crimea.

As Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams correctly point out, the whole crisis originates from the U.S. backed overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 , Ukraine’s constitutional and democratically elected President. The U.S. backed regime that seized power in Ukraine as a result of this coup has pursued a militantly anti-Russian line, provoking the secession of Crimea and Russia’s actions there. Though this has created a crisis on Russia’s border in an area where the U.S. has no direct interest, the U.S. continues to meddle, fanning tensions and internationalizing the problem.

From the Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Russia claims to have stopped a sabotage operation by Ukraine’s intelligence service. Ukraine denies the charge and has beefed up the military on its border with Crimea. Is another war brewing? Is the US pushing for it?

A very important point Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams make is that the U.S.’s unqualified backing for the Kiev regime simply encourages it to take the sort of dangerous and reckless actions we have just seen in Crimea. The result is that every attempt to reduce tensions in the area – of which there have been many coming from the Russian side – have come to naught. In Ukraine, as in other places (including Syria – also touched on by Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams in the video) U.S. policy is creating problems, not solving them.


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