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Sunday, August 28, 2016 By Northernthuthseeker

It is Sunday, and once again time for my weekly rant…

OK, I have received so many emails and other comments this last week asking me to take a look at some of the so called “speeches” being made by that demon seed named Hillary “Killary” Clinton….Initially I thought I would not delve further into the circus that is the US “Presidential Election” simply because I know that with either the freak Killary in charge or even Donald Drumpf in charge, the Jews win… Yes, it does not matter which “party” wins the November “selection” for the Jewish power elite will indeed continue to control America and continue their insidious plan to have America made destitute…..

But… I did look at the material and I have been aghast by what I saw from that psychotic mass murderer Killary Clinton, especially the facts that something is both physically and MENTALLY wrong with that freak….. There are so many videos out there now that show definitive proof that Killary is not only physically incapable of being the next US President, but there is also shocking proof that Killary is MENTALLY unfit to be President as well… The key is of course the MENTAL aspect, and more and more we are witnessing astounding mental “blackouts’ and psychotic actions of this freak in her speeches that shows signs that she is definitely either suffering from Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease, or that she is suffering from either epileptic seizures or other forms of psychosis….. And yes, my American friends and readers, you absolutely can NOT have a mentally incompetent individual for your President…..The thought that such a psychotic individual would have  control of America’s nuclear arsenal alone is too terrible to imagine.

And yes, we still have the Jew spew media out there lying their asses off as they ridiculously promote that Killary psycho murderous freak… They have definitely been “adjusting” the polls to strangely show her “ahead” of Donald Drumpf, and they have been ramming that outright lie through their fraud media outlets… It is also so astounding to see the so called “reporters” on these networks continue to lie their asses off and to show their undying love for this freak…. YES, these media whores are exactly what a lot of people have deduced, which is nothing more than flat out prostitutes for their pimp, Killary…..

Lets be absolutely frank here about Killary…. The facts have been coming out that her entire campaign, although receiving a lot of “funding” from her own criminal and murderous “Clinton Foundation” has in fact received a lion’s share of funding from none other than the most evil creature on planet Earth, George Soros……Killary has always been propped up by Soros in his efforts towards a Jew run “one world government” and he wants to see his puppet, this mass murdering freak, in the White House to push his global agenda… It is also a fact that Killary’s primary platform for her “Presidency” is to repeal the US 2nd amendment and thus deprive the majority of the gullible American people of their last line of defence against the criminal Jewish elite, which is their guns…. And need I not remind everyone of what I have stated before about Killary’s incessant push for war and how the world risks nuclear annihilation if he attains the Presidency!

Yes, I ado have no love for Donald Drumpf for being the next US President.. But as I have constantly repeated before and I will repeat again… The US “two party” system is a massive failure… But there is NO time to fix that glaring problem, and sadly the American people have NO choice now but to take a risk with a Drumpf Presidency…. Honestly, what is the alternative?

And as many have pointed out, I am a Canadian, and have absolutely NO voice in who or what the American people sadly vote for this coming November… I can only observe and try to give an honest opinion based on using critical thinking… And I do want to see my American friends and fellow bloggers do the right thing and make sure that they vote OVERWHELMINGLY this coming November to make sure that the psychotic mass murdering demon seed, Killary Clinton, does NOT get herself ordained as American Dictator……

OK, enough of the American political circus… The situation in Syria has indeed turned very strange and misleading… I too must admit that I thought the focus was  on freeing Aleppo from the American mercenaries who call themselves “terrorists” and with that victory by the good guys, the Bashar al-Assad government forces and their allies, the war for Syria to free itself from the scourge of the US/Israel/NATO alliance would basically be over… But as I pointed out in previous rants, the criminal cabal always has another “trick up their sleeve” and apparently that “Plan B” may have been the “Kurdish forces” that occupy much of northern Syria all along…

Yes, I am troubled by the actions of the Kurds, who apparently have been receiving an immense amount of aid and support from the US/Israel/NATO cabal…..And as the Kurds continue to “conquer” territory that was formerly held by the other US fraud called “ISIS”, it appears that the Kurds are being used as the vehicle for the eventual breakup of Syria into smaller and weaker states….. I do wonder why the Kurds have ‘sold their souls to the devil” by agreeing to be the lynchpin in the criminal US/Israel/NATO plans for the destruction of Syria?  What did the criminal cabal offer the Kurds for their support?  Nationhood?  Apparently the Kurds have never learned the lessons that other nations around the planet have sadly learned by making deals with the cabal, which is ruination and/or subjugation…..The Kurds are fooling themselves if they think that allying themselves with the devil itself will give them “freedom”…

The other twist in this Kurdish/Syrian/ISIS/Al Nusra/Russian fiasco in Syria is of course what role Turkey is to play?  We have the Turks of course being part of the NATO alliance and in spite of the apparent US role in that failed “coup attempt” to try to unseat Erdogan, the Turks are still within the NATO umbrella…. But we also have the recent Turkish action in their “invasion” of northern Syria which is strange considering how Turkey has informally agreed to join into a “framework” for peace in Syria itself… And we have the Turkish ongoing war against the Kurds which flies directly in the face of the US/Israel/NATO (supposedly excluding Turkey) support for the Kurds…..Yes, the US and Israel have directly been supporting the Kurds and yet are trying to also make deals with Turkey which is at war with these same Kurds?   This is to me a riddle, and I am truly trying to figure out the game being played here…..If any logical answer to this puzzle comes forward, I will indeed put that information at this blog for everyone to see…..

As I showed in my last article, there has been a war going on in Yemen that has turned into a “forgotten war” simply because the US supplied Saudis are indeed getting their asses whooped… And yes, while people have been bullshitted by the media about alleged ‘atrocities’ going on in Syria and elsewhere, these same US supplied and backed Saudi forces recently attacked civilians in the Yemen city of San’a using chemical weapons.. And those attacks have indeed killed hundreds if not thousands of civilians… But of course strangely (no shock here) the Jew spew media across the US and Canada never reported on that attack or the continuing failures of the “Saudi invasion” in Yemen…. If the public did know the truth, it would be a black eye and exposed as an obvious failure for the US government….

I stated in some rants months ago that the Ukrainian government would indeed use the “Minsk Ceasefire Agreement” for a period to rearm their armies with American taxpayer bought and paid for  equipment, and then relaunch their assault into the Donbas… Well, it does appear that the criminal Kiev regime has been moving their armed forces to the “ceasefire” line in the Donbas and may indeed launch an all out assault on the civilians in the Donbas……  And yes, the big issue is that once the Ukrainian army does launch their new and more lethal murderous campaign against the civilians in the Donbas, what exactly will the Russian Federation do?  The Russians have unequivocally stated that any new assault on civilians in the Donbas could trigger a Russian response….. Honestly are the Ukrainians really this stupid?  But you must consider the fact that the Kiev regime is nothing more than a puppet of the American criminal administration, and the American government has long sought to use Ukraine as their springboard for a much bigger conflict with Russia itself…. Yes, and especially for my friends in the US, the US government is that insane….

I for one am glad to see my fellow Canadian real truth seeker “Greencrow” come forward with her own articles concerning the fakery of NASA’s “space missions” and especially the long proven fraud of “Project Apollo”….. I do not want to sound like a broken record here, but I have known now for 37 years that NASA has been lying all along about most of its “exploits” in space….. The facts are that the moon landings are a fraud, and the robotic Mars landing missions from Viking all the way to Curiosity are frauds as well….. I do not doubt some of NASA’s other missions for robotic flyby missions of planets are very possible… But landing probes on Mars with its almost non-existent atmosphere using conventional parachutes?  Forget it!…… I for one am glad that Greencrow can see the frauds in all their glory and as I have said before, I welcome her to the club!

One last thing before I go onto my “last minute tidbits”…. I am indeed not getting any younger, and my work load has been terrible this last while… I have indeed been suffering from a lot of stress and as my better half keeps stating, I will need to slow things down or I will burn out…. I do not want to quit this blog by a long shot, for I do, believe it or not, use this as an outlet and a means of actually “relieving” my stress levels….. I am also getting very close to retiring from my job, and when I do retire, I am considering writing full time, and actually taking this blog to the next level and going full alternative media “mainstream” with my own full website….  And yes, that will definitely piss off the Jewish pricks and my “fan club” of Hasbara/JIDF agents assigned to my work… But that is my intention, which is to be a thorn in the side of those pricks!

Well, I guess it is time for my “last minute tidbits”….. I have seen the videos of Killary Clinton and her apparent “seizures’ and other health problems, and I ask readers to simply go to Youtube and put in “Hillary Clinton Health Issues” to look at the evidence presented by some great authors………And again, I have seen the news about the ever growing “Clinton body count” of those who apparently have tried to whistle blow about the evils of the Clinton crime family and have “strangely” met their demise.  I have to ask WHY that freak is not in jail for her and her family’s acts of murder?………The Chinese/Philippines/US debacle in the South China Sea continues, and I again must ask why these parties are not willing to simply sit down and hammer out some type of agreement on territory?  But again with the US involved, that could indeed be a trigger point for a much bigger war……….More reports coming out showing that the so called “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) push that we are seeing across America is indeed a sham, and has indeed been financed by none other than George Soros himself.  First, it should be apparent to anyone with even 1/2 a brain that BLM is indeed a scam and its followers are brain dead idiots.  And second, here we have George Soros again creating turmoil and I do wonder once again why this sicko is not rotting in a jail cell somewhere for his never ending crimes against humanity?……….I saw a report that “Target” stores in America has lost some ’10 BILLION’ dollars in sales in the continental United States alone for their push for “gender neutral” washrooms in their stores.  I say good for the American people for not taking this bullshit and making a firm statement against the “gender neutral” freaks’ political correctness bullshit.  People everywhere should avoid “Target” stores like the plague and any other place that bends to the freaks…..I have noticed that the “flat earth” numbskulls have now stopped trying to push their outrageous and insulting bullshit in their comments to this blog.  I guess my recent article exposing them as nothing more than CIA dupes and idiots has a lot to do with them suddenly disappearing.  All I can say is good riddance to stupidity and rubbish……I saw a recent article where Arnie Gundersen from “Faire Winds” was recently in Tokyo armed with a geiger counter, and what he found was astounding.  For now some 5 and one half years after the initial Fukushima disaster that bathed Tokyo in deadly radiation, that radiation was still there and as strong as ever.  But this makes sense, for the Plutonium byproducts that have been sprinkling Tokyo now for over 5 years have half-lives of thousands of years.   And yes, the Jew spew media is silent while that disaster is still going strong….. And I must remind everyone that Tokyo is to host the Olympic Summer games in 2020.  I will say it now that anyone going to Tokyo had better bring themselves a good geiger counter and be careful of where they travel!….. And speaking of the Olympic Games, the Rio games supposedly went over ‘without a hitch’ which many bloggers and friends have said would happen as the criminal Jewish elite would take a “break” from their fraud “terrorist attacks” to make sure nothing happened while these games went on.  And no shock here that there was NO incident during the Rio games!…….Evidence is now coming out fast and furious that the Zika virus “scare” was indeed a massive hoax.  But I and others noted that some 6 months ago! Yes, the facts are now crystal clear that it is NOT the Zika virus that has caused those cases of “brain shrinkage” in newborn babies, but has always been the “vaccines” given to their mothers before they were born……..Arsenal beats Watford yesterday by the score of 3-1 and finally things are looking up and forward for the Gunners.  Now comes a week break (and me going through Soccer withdrawals) before the Gunners take on Southampton on the 10th of September.  Hopefully another Gunner victory……..Yes, Whitewraithe is back writing articles at Pragmatic Witness and I do hope she puts up regular material there as an “outlet” for alleviate her own stress from some personal setbacks recently.  I don’t want to sound like a broken record here, but I am still hoping for a relaunch of our Turbulent Times podcasts soon………And finally, who needs the Kardashians when we have Killary for a change.  Someone asked me to take a look at all the videos out there that show clear evidence that Killary’s “seizures” are now getting so bad that she constantly needs injections from an accompanying doctor when she is out in public and suddenly freaks out.  I would say absolutely yes, and it again shows that this creature is absolutely unfit for being President.  But hey, the American public are so brainwashed and gullible now that many will not flinch when that psycho gets the Oval Office by having it stolen.  And people wonder why I look at the US as a truly “failed” state?

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