Northerntruthseeker Rant for Sunday, August 7th, 2016


Yes it is Sunday once again, and that means it is time once again for my weekly rant…

Yesterday of course marked the 71st anniversary of that dreadful day when a B29 stratofortress bomber nicknamed “Enola Gay” dropped an Uranium nuclear device over the peaceful city of Hiroshima on the island of Honshu in the Japanese islands…. At 815am Japan time, this device exploded some 300 feet above the centre of Hiroshima with an explosion estimated to be equivalent to 12.5 kilotons of TNT… In less than a second’s time, some 100000 people living in that city were instantly vaporized, and over the next few days some 100000 more were to die due to the effects of heat from the initial blast and radiation exposure and burns…..

It was absolutely genocide and to this day the US has stated that the attack was to “shorten the war” rather than risk thousands of Americans dying from the planned invasion of Japan itself… However, real history has now concluded that the Japanese were willing to surrender as early as late 1944 with the only provision to the “Unconditional Surrender” demands put out by the US was for their Emperor Hirohito to stay in power if only as a ‘figurehead’… The glaring fact that is never told to the public is that when Japan did surrender on August 14th, 1945 was that the US AGREED to the Japanese request to keep Hirohito as their Emperor!

The question therefore is WHY did the US purposely prolong the war in the Pacific when Japan was willing to surrender?  The answer should be clear to everyone that the prolongation was on purpose just so the US would perfect their “super weapon” the Atomic Bomb and that they would be able to test it by using the Japanese as their guinea pigs!  THAT is fact and as I and others have shown with real truthful articles, is backed up with evidence…. The bottom line here is that the Atomic bombings of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were absolutely acts of cold blooded murder…..

OK, the war in Syria and especially the battle for the good guys to retake the northern Syrian city of Aleppo continues… It appears that the US attempt to sway public opinion by committing more acts of evil in the form of “gassings” of Syrian civilians has not worked out as they expected… So now the US has sent in their armed mercenaries with a new “counter attack” to try to break the siege of Aleppo itself and to send more mercenaries into eastern Aleppo city…..It does appear that the battle for Aleppo will indeed continue for a while, but I am still hedging my bets that the Syrian army will indeed capture the city and therefore put an end to the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal’s sick dream of having Bashar al-Assad removed from power as well as to have Syria broken up into small fiefdoms dominated by the criminal state of Israel….

Has anyone other than myself noticed that the criminal US Secretary of State, John Kohn’s demands that Bashar al Assad quit as Syria’s President by an August 1st deadline has now passed?  Yes, we are now at August 6th, some 5 days after that criminal’s deadline has come and gone and nothing has happened.   Bashar al Assad is still in power, and the US is more and more desperate at trying to find any excuses to directly intervene into Syria itself…. I said when Kohn made that demand of an August 1st “deadline” that he was blowing smoke out of his ass, and now we see it as fact….

One other note about Syria, and I find this disgusting as a Canadian… Reports surfaced this last week that show definitive evidence that Canada’s “involvement” in this war in Syria has been to directly attack the Syrian civilians instead of what has been proclaimed falsely to the Canadian public as attacks against the fraud known as “ISIS”…. But what else would Canadians expect?  That former criminal Prime Minister Harper lied his ass off to the Canadian people when he stated that Canada would only have a “support” role and that our forces would help attack the “terrorists”.   The reality always has been that Canada as part of the fraud NATO contingent in the Middle East has absolutely joined with the US in attacking both Syrian civilians and Syrian infrastructure so as to try to force the overthrow of Bashar al Assad.  And in the process, Canada is indeed participating in genocide of innocent people….

I have not talked about the fiasco of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, but honestly what is there left to say that most people are not aware of?   The games are indeed a farce, with most of the venues now open for competition and yet no where near being completed… The fact is that Brazil should have never even bid on this farce considering the initial estimates of costs would be only around 5 BILLION dollars, but have now ballooned to well over 20+ BILLION…. The outrageous costs for putting on this spectacle could indeed bankrupt Brazil much like the cost of the Olympics in Athens definitely led to the economic meltdown that felled Greece…..And then we have the waters and the sewage problems that have long troubled Rio and are now blatantly in the open for the entire world to see for themselves… Honestly, how any rower or swimmer would even want to compete in a venue where they could become seriously ill from e-Coli exposure from the water is beyond me!

But here we have the Jew spew media out there in Rio portraying the entire spectacle like everything is fine, when it absolutely is not… Brazil has long been rife with gang warfare and roving gangs of thieves and robbers… Anyone attending these games in Rio runs the risk of being robbed constantly and if they refuse to hand the criminals their belongings, then they risk being shot as well…..  Yes, Brazil should have never been rewarded these games, which shows the corruption of the International Olympic Committee itself, and we are now seeing the results of that folly….

BUT let us face one truth about Brazil and these games… The Zika virus scare that has been floating around and is still making headlines is a sham and a fraud… I and others put out the truth about this “scare” in that the trouble is absolutely NOT the virus, but the VACCINES that were introduced to the Brazilians some time ago… The baby brain shrinkage that has long been said to be caused by the virus has always been caused by the side effects of the vaccines, and especially the “Tdap” vaccine administered to pregnant women….. AND now of course we have the reports of “Zika virus” coming from exposure to mosquitoes in Florida, USA, which to me means that the criminals behind the fraud vaccines are at it again and will once again try to push their poisonous and deadly vaccines on the gullible American people….

I actually watched a bit of Jew spew mainstream media on the Talmudvision the other day before my brain began to melt, and what I saw was the most disgusting piece of bull crap imaginable… The Jew spew channel, “CNN” was out there trying to lie to the American people stating that psychotic Hillary “Killary” Clinton was now AHEAD of Jew butt kisser Donald Drumpf in their own “opinion polls”…Honesty, who are the fools that they were “polling”?  Did they go into insane asylums and ask the inmates who they were going to vote for?   Did they go to Killary’s own people ONLY and ask them who they would vote for?   It was indeed a blatant piece of pure propaganda bullshit and just another sick and pathetic attempt to sway the gullible American people that they should vote for the Jew spew media’s star candidate due to the fact that she was suddenly “leading” in the polls!

I did a look around at alternative media sites the other day to see if any of them had their own polls of the American electorate to see who they would really vote for this coming November… And I found one over at the ‘What Really Happened” website that was open for anyone to vote… And the numbers there showed the real truth about this campaign and have exposed the fraud of the Jew spew media’s own crooked polls… For according to Mike Rivero’s own online poll there, some 98% of those who voted in that poll voted for Drumpf… And Killary received a pitiful 2% of the votes!  Yes, the reality is absolutely without any shadow of a doubt that the American people will overwhelmingly vote for Drumpf over Killary while the machines COUNTING the votes will swing and switch the votes so that the lunatic Killary will win by a “narrow margin”….. The fix is in, and we all wonder what the American people will do about it once their nation is once again stolen from them?

Please do not get me wrong.. I have no love for Donald Drumpf as I see him as just another Jew controlled lackey and another puppet for Jewish interests if he ever attains the US Presidency… But once again, I must point out  that due to the failings of the American “TWO party system” and with NO real alternative anywhere to be seen, the choice is definitely now between life and death for the United States itself… A vote for psychotic Killary means never ending war, and a strong possibility of World War III on the horizon.  A vote for Donald would still mean a Jew lackey in the White House, but at least the push for war would be “delayed”…… Sadly, with only those choices, there is no option for America other than to vote for the Donald……Yes this shows how truly bad the American republic and their electoral system truly is…..

The fiasco in Turkey continues I see and there are more questions than answers with the aftermath of that failed coup attempt… Right now the Turkish government forces are supposedly continuing their encirclement of the US air base at Incirlik with its 90+ nuclear weapons still apparently in bunkers at that base….. And we have news that the US is still sending in their representatives to meet with Erdogan to try to make peace in spite of the fact that they less than three weeks ago tried to have him either overthrown or killed….. I am still troubled by the fact that Erdogan knows full well that the US led that coup attempt (the 2 billion dollars paid to the main General involved is the dead giveaway..) and yet he is still not making the proper motion to throw the US forces out of his country, close the Incirlik base, seize the nuclear weapons (as either bargaining chips or to use as a deterrent against Israel..) and even get the hell out of NATO all together and turn to an alliance with Russia!   Something is amiss here, and even though many are saying that the failed “coup attempt” may have been done by Erdogan himself, I am looking for another answer……

Yes, I saw all those reports last week by the “climate change” so called “experts” claiming that the world is now at the point of “no return” and that we are definitely heading to perpetual “global warming”…. These same liars have come out and stated that 2016 is now the ‘WARMEST’ year on record with no facts and evidence to back up that claim, so therefore this latest claim about the planet “overheating” is the same bullshit as their other claims….. I would not lose sleep over their latest lies, and hopefully no one else is as well…… I am still waiting for the escapees from clown college in the Global warming community to come up with their explanations as to why this time in August in these parts of central Canada the temperatures and the environment is in fact what we would expect in September… Yes the planet is indeed cooling and the Global warming fraud is for one thing only: Carbon taxes!

One last thing before I get onto my last minute tidbits, and it shows how the Jews control not only the media but so much of what we have online as well…. A really good video producer who hails out of Australia calling himself “Peekay” had his Youtube channel unceremoniously taken down last week by the Jewish pricks who run Youtube due to what they call “copyright infringements” for his videos exposing the fraud and Mossad agent, Richard Gutjahr, who was at BOTH the phoney Nice France truck ‘mass killing” as well as the Munich “Mc-shooting”…. Gutjahr who is definitely Mossad and was at both events to “film the event” was scared of himself and his family being exposed as Mossad so he got the Jews at Youtube to have Peekay’s channel taken down to try to stop that exposure… But it is too late now, and thanks to Gutjahr’s idiotic move more and more people are now onto the fact that many of these “shootings” and “killings” are in fact orchestrated by the Israeli Mossad itself…..And it once again shows how Youtube is absolutely controlled by these same Jewish pricks and that they will censor anything on that channel that they find that may expose their criminal activities….

Well, I guess I have said enough and put in my own two cents about what I see happening this last week in our world…. But as usual I cannot cover everything, so I will once again touch on those other issues right here in my “last minute tidbits”…….The Chinese and Americans are still moving more and more of their forces into the South China Sea and I see both sides at loggerheads.  It should be apparent that the US government wants a war with China, just so they can have their excuse to divert the American people’s attention away from the collapsing economy.  Sad that they look at war as the only alternative to try to save their own necks from their own people…….And speaking of the “economy”, I am still amazed about how people think the economy is so good when the DJIA from Wall Street continues to reach “record highs”.  The reality is the entire DJIA is a fiasco and has been falsely and absolutely artificially propped up and ballooned to create the fraud of these highs, when the facts are that even Wall Street in New York is crumbling and on the verge of a massive crash………I am not touching the “Russia hacked the DNC” bullshit at all, for I look upon it as complete and utter bullshit and nothing more than that psychotic excuse for a demon, Killary Clinton, wanting it as a means to deflect her criminal activities………Honestly, I still am bewildered that anyone with common sense would have a “social media” account such as “Facebook” and/or “Twitter”.  More and more evidence is surfacing all the time pointing to the fact that these “social media” programs are a fraud and have been used to hurt and destroy many of its users.  And yet here we are with over 2 billion people world wide having at least a “Facebook” account.  Yes, the brainwashing of the Jewish media is that intense……..Again, will someone please explain to me what the big fuss is about this “Pokemon Go” that has so much of the world now mesmerized?  I look at this latest “program” as just another control mechanism along the lines of the fraud “social networks” and nothing more than another distraction from the reality of our failing economies…….So let me get this straight. The big butch IDF went out this last week and forced an 8 year old Palestinian girl off of her bicycle in the occupied West bank and then proceeded to not only demoralize the young girl, but destroy her bike as well?  Yes, these monsters are really that butch that they need to go after Palestinian children to ruin their lives!……..All of you people out there that want to continue to preach the bullshit of “Political Correctness” can kiss my ass.  “Political Correctness” is what is ruining our nations right now, and the sooner people wake up and put an end to its madness, the better…….Even MORE reports coming out this last week proving that the ultra criminal, Dr. Evil himself, George Soros was absolutely behind the fraud “refugee crisis” that has been destroying Europe.  So once again, I must ask WHY this monster is not in jail for his crimes against humanity?……Someone asked me why I have not reported about Fukushima Japan for a while.  Nothing much to say other than the disaster is still ongoing and has absolutely not stopped as the Jew spew media would love to portray.  The radiation from those failed reactors is still polluting Japan and the Pacific Ocean and will not be solved for decades yet to come….. I saw the report this last week where apparently North Korea is wanting to put some of their own astronauts on the moon to plant their national flag.  Good luck to that, and hopefully they can fake their own moon landings as well as the Americans did decades ago…… And speaking of the fake Apollo moon missions, I got some comments sent my way from a reader who stumbled across the same problem with the audio delays in the official Apollo videos as I discovered decades ago.  Yes, there is almost no audio delay in the talk between the Apollo missions and Houston control on Earth when there absolutely MUST BE.  The moon is still 1.25 light seconds away from Earth, and therefore the audio must be delayed at least 3 seconds (time to and from the moon) according to any sense of logic, and yet we find almost zero delay in all the voice transmissions.   It is too bad that so many people have missed this dead giveaway to the fakery of Project Apollo!…….. And, I am still waiting for someone to prove me wrong about the fakery of the Mars missions as well.  I put the challenge out a very long time for someone to show me how parachutes can work in a 0.004 BAR atmosphere and I still have no answer.  Yes, NASA has been busy with a whole slew of fakery for decades…..And to the flat earther nut cases out there.  Give your heads a shake…..Yes, Premiere League soccer starts up again next week, and I am crossing my fingers for Arsenal this year to take a serious run to the top of the table.  No titles since 2004 is a very long time for the Gunners indeed…… I am still waiting for a reply from Whitewraite to my calls and emails.  Yes she has been busy with her new job and I told her to give me a shout when she can.  Our podcast shows will therefore have to wait a wee bit longer than expected……..NO new false flag attacks this last week, but again they are coming and the criminals responsible will continue to put them out to try to scare the general gullible public until we have the courage to stop them……..And finally, I guess it is time to take a shot at the Kardashians and their antics.  Apparently Brucey “Kaitlin” Jenner is trying to put the criticism for his/her auto accident last year on of all things, a paparazzi “stalker”(!).  Yes, is it so convenient that Brucey loves and laps up the media attention from the paparazzi most times and now would ridiculously try to use them as his excuse for his traffic mishap that killed Kimberley Howe on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu California on February 7th, 2015.  But the paparazzi was not involved in that accident and nowhere in sight when Brucey crashed into Ms. Howe’s vehicle, and everything points to Brucey being fully to blame for that mishap and her death.  I wonder how this one will be spun and how Brucey will try to get away with it.  But hey, these misfits and trollops will do anything and America will continue to lap it all up….


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