Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 21st, 2016


Sunday once again.. The so called “dog days” of summer in these parts of central Canada… And once again here is my weekly rant….

The temperatures here in these parts of Canada have started to “moderate” and we are heading towards cooler weather…. Yes, I did read the “Farmer’s Almanac” and their predictions for this coming winter here in this part of the northern hemisphere, and I agree with them that we are going to get a very bitter and cold winter….. The upcoming cold winter is due to the solar cycle that our star, Sol, is presently under, and with the diminished solar radiation output during Sol’s cooling phase, the weather will indeed be colder here for planet Earth…..

But once again we find the Jew spew media out there and the IPCC and NOA and other letter “climate experts” saying that THIS summer is the ‘warmest on record” which is such a farce and an outright lie…. Yes, the fools, trolls, and idiots, behind the “Global Warming” aka “Climate Change” planet “overheating” bullshit are still out there and spewing their lies…..

I have also long wondered about the kingpin of the fraud “Global Warming” scam for quite some time, and I also began to wonder WHO was behind the funding for “manbearpig” and his lies… Well, evidence surfaced last week that showed myself and others that the ultra Jewish criminal evil on Planet Earth, George Soros himself, was behind the funding of “Saint Al of the Gore” and the entire “Global Warming” bullshit.    Why am I not surprised by this?  George Soros has been behind the overthrow of nations and has been behind the fraud “refugee crisis” that has been systematically destroying Europe… This man is probably one of the most evil and sinister people on planet Earth and yet again I must ask the big question:  Most nations know about the criminality of Soros, and yet WHY is this ultra criminal mastermind not in a prison cell for his crimes against humanity?… I continue to ask that question again and again, and the only answer I can come up with is the fact that he is JEWISH and therefore the tribe is once again protecting one of their own and backing him on his quest to ruin nations!…. And it therefore does make sense that this ultra criminal has been financing that crooked Al Gore all along……

What else is there to say about the fraudulent “Syrian boy in an ambulance” fiasco that has been filling the Jew spew media outlets over the last few days and is being used to brainwash gullible people?   Everything about this “incident” and the props being used for this hoax smells of a set up…. I have already asked some big questions about the “ambulance” that was used in this prop, especially the fact that it was in pristine condition… If that was a real ambulance in that war torn area of eastern Aleppo, it would not be shiny new and would be battered and covered with dust from the bombings, explosives, shrapnel, etc…. And yet there it was in those pictures looking brand spanking new!… And then there is the prop with the boy sitting in that orange seat… Anyone else notice the equipment near by with all the ENGLISH writing all over it?  Heck the “first aid” equipment box next to the boy is so blatantly obvious… I have to again ask… WHY is the equipment in ENGLISH?  The official language of Syria is of course ARABIC, and NOT English at all…. The equipment should have absolutely been labeled and marked in Arabic for the ambulance workers themselves to see and understand… The answer to this riddle is simple.. They used a PROP for this incident with an ambulance used within the setup for the video… The American government provided the ambulance for this setup and therefore it was indeed filled with English labeled equipment (someone forgot again to make sure it was Arabic for authenticity!)… And of course the audience that this entire fiasco is aimed at is the American public themselves who of course mostly understand English…..  These two major points about the ambulance are glaring examples of the fraudulence of this incident but there are indeed others…

One thing that I found so disgusting by this “Syrian boy in an ambulance” fraudulent hoax and set up is the fact that the American government and the people behind this production had the nerve to use this boy for this hoax in the first place… To have him sit there and be covered with soot, “blood”, and to have him with torn cloths, was indeed part of the staging and bad enough.. But to use this child for such a staged event shows how LOW the Americans are getting in their pure bullshit propaganda….I do wonder what this young man got as his reward for playing the part in this charade?  Were he and his family offered money, or food to play along?  PATHETIC is the optimum word here for this insidious and yet sad attempt by the US to garner false sympathy…..

Sadly, the American people (and many Canuckleheads up here as well..) have indeed fallen for this “Syrian boy in an ambulance” horse shit…. I for one suffered the wraith of some colleagues when I sat down with them over a cup of coffee at my usual Tim Horton’s restaurant… Of course in the conversations at our table, the topic did indeed turn to this “Syrian boy” fiasco, with the majority at the table all saying that it was “real” and the usual “something has to be done” to “save the Syrian civilians” holed up in Aleppo…. But once again when some turned to me for my “opinion” I, knowing what had happened before when I tried to tell them the truth, decided NOT to say a word….I figure that since most of these people that are supposed to be “intelligent” are simply too far gone and brainwashed by the lies of the Jew spew media, that it was not worth my time and effort to try to show them the truth…. It is so sad that even up here in Canada people have indeed been fooled by the bullshit…..

Yes, I have been in some heated debates and arguments with the rejects from clown college who call themselves “Flat Earthers”……. Again, it has got to the point that I absolutely no longer even tolerate their horrific ‘comments’ that they periodically send my way… Most times I just simply put them into the trash bin and cannot be bothered reading them at all….. And lets face the reality here, for the only reason why these “Flat Earth” nut jobs have their way on the Internet is due to their heavy funding and ties to intelligence groups such as the CIA that have been using them to poison the Internet itself and to put down real truth seekers out there… They know that with the exposure of government lies, including the massive lies put out by NASA, that they need something to try to make real truth seekers look like fools, so they bring out these “Flat Earth” numbskulls hoping that some truth seekers latch onto their laughable lies…. Their plan has always been to link people such as myself to these “Flat Earth” fools, but intelligent people such as myself are no fools and see through their game…. The bottom line here is the Flat Earth idiots will never have people such as myself within their ranks, and I do laugh in their faces….

I have also been under some attacks by my American readers who question WHY I would support a known Jew butt kisser like Donald Drumpf to be the next US President….. I state it plainly to them that with the failings of the 2 party system that has ruined the US for well over a century and a half, that there is no choice for the American people but to take the risk of having Donald in the White House this coming November… And why?  Well, what other choice is there?  If they are stupid enough to vote for a demonic subhuman insane creature such as Hillary “Killary” Clinton, then they really need to have their heads examined… If Killary was to ever be anointed as the next US President, then there definitely will be World War III and the possible extermination of life on this planet within the next year……Therefore and sadly this is vomiting to say, the American people are indeed stuck with the “lesser of two evils” which is of course Drumpf…… The fact is that until the American people have a real choice and or finally break up the horrific political system that leaves them at the mercy of the Jewish power elite, they are stuck having to work within the confines of that system no matter how rotten it is……  And yes, they must vote OVERWHELMINGLY  for Drumpf this November, for the rotten to the core political system in the US will indeed try to steal the election and hand the Presidency to psycho bitch Killary…..

And speaking of Killary Clinton… I do wonder why more American people are not screaming out about how her and her team of mass murdering psychopaths that make up the “Clinton crime family” have not been up for investigation into the murders and “mysterious deaths” that always seem to follow them wherever they go…. It is a fact that since that fiasco of the Democratic Party’s national convention in Philadelphia a month ago that was such a farce that some 7 people (some say so much more…)who were “whistle blowing” all of the dirt on the evils of the Clintons have “mysteriously” been found dead or murdered… And yet there is little to no investigations taking place in the US to show the links to the Clintons themselves from these deaths?   I am shocked about how truly stupid the majority of American are that they have allowed these psychotic murdering freaks to not only avoid jail time, but may actually vote the witch into the Oval Office!  It is indeed bad enough about Killary’s emails that have cost the lives of hundreds if not thousands of US operatives world wide, but the Clinton crime family’s murderous campaign over the last few decades has left a body count into the thousands…. Yes, only in America can murderers, thugs, and psychopaths, have a shot at being the President…..

One last thing before I go onto my last minute tidbits… Whitewraithe has been in contact with me over the last few weeks and she is finally wanting to restart our “Turbulent Times” shows on blogtalk radio…. But that good news is tempered with a bit of bad news… Due to some terrible action on the part of her boss at her latest job, she has been forced to quit that job and seek employment elsewhere… Yes, having to quit has been a severe blow to her and her well being, but she is a fighter and has told me that she has other jobs lined up….. I am again crossing my fingers and hoping for the best and that she will be able to secure a better job shortly… AND I will let everyone know when exactly we will get our newest shows going for there is so much to catch up on…..

Well, I guess that covers the major issues over the last while…. But of course I have missed out on so much else that has been happening, and hopefully I can once again put in my two cents worth in my “last minute tidbits”…… So let me get this straight.  President Putin of Russia visits Crimea and the US puppet regime in Kiev is screaming how dare he visit stolen territory?  Need I remind everyone that Crimea is Russian territory and the people there voted overwhelmingly 2 years ago to secede from Ukraine and join Russia which they have every right to do so?  What we have here is more pandering by the criminals in the US and Ukraine that are stupidly wanting a war with Russia……..I am still wondering when President Erdogan of Turkey does the “right thing” and takes Turkey out of NATO all together and then makes pacts with the Russian Federation and Iran?  Considering all the evidence that the US was behind and financed that failed coup attempt over a month ago in Ankara, that move could not happen soon enough……. And in spite of all the fraud rhetoric coming out of the Jew spew media concerning Russian aircraft using Iranian bases for their attacks on US led insurgents in Syria, I applaud this move by Russia and see it as a means to further accelerate Assad’s own efforts to free Syria from the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal’s scourge……And of course we find news of an ever increasing number of ships gathering in that disputed area of the South China Sea.  It will not take much for an incident to take place and we may see a war break out in that hostile area soon.  Again, the US wants a war and in fact any war across the globe now to save their economic asses, and they may be stupid enough to have China as their bullseye for such a war…….And speaking of the economy.  I for the life of me cannot understand how the bullshit media can once again say that the economy is somehow “recovering”.   Everywhere I have looked here in central Canada there is a deep recession with nobody out there buying any goods.     Basically I am stating the obvious that the crooks behind our failing economies want the perception that everything is going good while they plan for the impending crash.  And yes, that crash is coming……Rio de Janeiro Olympics are finally closing today.  And I could not help but watch a few events especially those with Canadian athletes participating.  And I could not help but notice that many of the venues were actually empty of spectators.  The Jew spew media is trying to portray these Olympic games in Brazil as somehow being “successful”, but in reality they will be a catastrophic economic disaster for Brazil itself…….And speaking of the Olympic Games, we have the usual “doping” allegations put forward against many of the athletes involved.   Cheating at these games has been going on for decades and some of the biggest cheaters are in fact the ones launching the allegations against other nations from the United States itself.  Has anyone even paid attention to the fact that many former Olympic Games American medal winners have had their medals stripped away quietly in subsequent years due to being caught and exposed for doping? ………Again I must ask why more people have not taken a stand against the fraud of “political correctness”?  To me, it is a fraud and a means to suffocate our societies.   Basically if anyone tries to tell me that I am not “politically correct”, I tell them they can kiss my white Germanic/Anglo-Saxon ass!………..I saw the reports last week that the infamous “ice wall” that TEPCO was trying to build around a few of the failed reactors at Fukushima Japan have themselves been dismal failures.  Lets face reality here, for these melted reactor cores will continue to spew their poisons all over the planet until a new and better technology to contain them is developed.  But that will of course take years and Fukushima will continue to go strong as an unmitigated disaster for years to come………Arsenal earned a tie against Leicester City yesterday, and I did watch most of that snorefest.   I am troubled that with all the talent on the Gunner roster, they have only one tie in the first two matches in the Premiere League this season.   Hopefully things change in their next match against Watford on the 27th……… And finally after a few weeks of avoiding these rejects, it is time again to take a shot at the Kardashians and their ilk.  It appears that my favourite skank, Kim, has been all over the paparazzi news over the last few days by her release of a video that shows her showing off her body’s ‘booty’ and “twerking”.   I honestly have not looked at the video, but if I did my brain would melt and I would be in a straight jacket in no time.  Honestly, can anyone please explain to me why this “twerking” has been such a craze?  Once again we have these skanks and trollops that make up this family of rejects being their usual media hounds.  And as usual I must say that America continues to go to hell, but the American people do not care as long as they have their Kardashians..



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