Mortgages Are Instruments Of Fraud

August 15, 2016

With a momentary “lull” in the fighting for freeing Aleppo from the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal’s “rebels” or “terrorists”, I figure I take a look at the world of finance and the scams run by the Jewish pricks that control our monetary system and have put all of us at their mercy through never ending debt…..

As a homeowner, I am glad to state that I FINALLY have been able to pay off the “mortgage” on my property and in a sense my house is finally my own…. For years I paid a local credit union a bi-weekly mortgage payment with the attached “interest rate”…. What I found after doing all the mathematics is that my 20 year mortgage on my house actually cost me about DOUBLE the estimated value of my home when I started the mortgage!  To me this is indeed ‘highway robbery” and a symptom of the sickness of the fractional reserve/usury system that haves us at their mercy….

Right now, I want to present a most interesting article from “Horse237” who of course writes the most excellent blog: “Video Rebel’s Blog” at, that absolutely tears into the fraud of mortgages…… The article is entitled: “Mortgages Are Instruments Of Fraud” and is a must see by everyone.. I have it right here for everyone to read, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Mortgages Are Instruments Of Fraud

The word mortgage comes from the old French and quite literally means you have made a pledge that lasts until you are dead. Too bad for us that mortgages are fraudulent.

I do not think our governments will be here in their present form much longer. Things could get worse. The Bankers are trying to turn student loans into pledges unto death. But it is also possible for us to construct a better world after the Dollar Dies. In that case, one of the things we will have to do is to drastically change the way mortgages are created.

The mortgage is the last step in the process of buying a home. Imagine yourself going to work each day and noticing a sign announcing that new homes will be under construction.

In the first stage the plumbers have to connect the future homes to the existing county water and sewer mains. Ditto for the electricians and the electrical grid. Then you might see men pouring concrete for the foundations. Then come the carpenters and the main frame of the house. And the roofers. And then the men adding shingles on the roof. And as the carpenters finish the walls, you might catch sight of the glaziers installing windows. The plumbers and the electricians come back to do the interior wiring and plumbing. Then you have the landscapers doing the outside and painters and interior decorators making the inside presentable to the prospective owners.

Of all the people involved in the process of home building who makes the most money and who has the easiest job?

You might guess that the plumbers and the electricians make the most money. You would be wrong.

You might think the architects has the easiest job. But you’d be wrong. He has to deal with the contractor.

The easiest job is the Banker who writes the loan. OK. But surely he can’t make the most money? Wrong again.

The Banker works inside an air conditioned office. And he makes more than the contractor and all the workers combined.

What is it that he does that rewards him well above all others?

He expands the money supply or inflates the currency.

Suppose you want a $200,000 loan. He increases the checking account supply of money by entering your mortgage on his ledgers as an asset to be balanced by the credit he entered for $100,000 for the home developer. You have made a pledge unto death to pay him the principal plus interest. A 30 year $200,000 loan at 3.92% obligates you to pay him $340, 416. The Banker did not loan you Mrs Jones’ life savings. He increased the money supply which decreases the value of our wages and pensions so we bore the sacrifice. He gave nothing of value. And yet he makes $140, 416.

Mortgages can be more expensive than $200,000 where you live so just multiply the numbers above by 2, 3 or even 4.

As William Paterson told the English parliament in 1694, “The Bank of England hath the benefit of interest on money it creates out of nothing.”

If we do get control of the government after the Dollar, the Pound, the Yen and the Euro die, then we will have to do away with the fiction of government debt.

Arrest the Bankers and seize their assets to pay for Debt Cancellation. Issue a non-interest bearing currency like Lincoln’s Greenbacks. Repeal fractional reserve banking. And make government debt illegal.

Under the present system, when the Treasury wants to borrow $100 billion including $5 billion in cash, they call up the FED and ask for $95 billion in checking account money. The FED creates a bookkeeping entry at its NY branch in the Treasury”s account and we owe the Federal Reserve $95 billion plus interest. For the FED to deliver $5 billion in cash, they call the Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving ordering $5 billion in Federal Reserve Notes. When the Treasury’s Engraving Bureau delivers the cash, the FED pays them an average of 3 1/2 cents on the dollar which is $175 million in this case. But you are obligated as a taxpayer to pay the whole 100% of the face value of $5 billion plus interest.

And as for mortgages, if we seized the government and the Federal Reserve, we could create enough checking account money to rewrite all existing home mortgages for those who own one home. For example, Bank XYZ has $100 billion in home loans to rewrite. We create that money and give the bank the needed amount at 1/4 of 1% interest. They then charge everyone $100 to rewrite their outstanding balances due at 1.25% interest. The home owners payments drops dramatically enabling them to boost the economy and to save for their retirement.

The goal of the new government should be to allow the working and middle classes to own homes and to fund their retirement as opposed to the present system which prefers Debt Slavery to freedom and self-determination.

NTS Notes:  It is so amazing that most people simply do not understand that when they go to a “bank” to obtain a mortgage, the banking institution basically writes the amount of the mortgage out of thin air……

Yes, mortgages are indeed a sham… But again, everyone that owns or wants to own a home are indeed at the mercy of the banking institution that “lends” out the amount of the mortgage to the homeowner…..

I also want to present a most interesting tidbit that shows how truly criminal mortgages are… This comes from the What Really Happened website at, and describes in a summary what happened in the United States when someone actually was able to argue successfully in courts the illegality of mortgages… Here is that summary:

There was a lawsuit, never reported on corporate media, called the Credit River case. A man fighting foreclosure on his home pointed out that the bank had not actually given him anything of tangible value with the mortgage. The bank had simply typed a bunch of numbers into a computer. The lawyer for the man even got the bank President to admit that was all the bank had done, type numbers into a computer, literally creating the money out of thin air. The judge and jury found for the defendant and the man got to keep his home. Although never overturned, the Credit River case was declared ‘bad law” and judges refuse to allow it to be cited in other foreclosure cases. Following the case, the man’s lawyer was disbarred and the judge died under questionable circumstances.

Why am I not surprised by what happened in the US with this “Credit River” case?  Notice too that the US courts declared this as a “bad law” and how the lawyer who defended the case was “disbarred” and the judge mysteriously died?  This shows the power of the criminal Jewish elite that they do NOT want their scams including the mortgage scams to never end and to make sure that we will continue to be at their mercy….

Yes, as Horse237 states, there are solutions including ending the fraud debt and having our money printed by the government itself and therefore interest free… But as I have always said, our politicians are indeed in bed with these crooked Jewish scoundrels and there is therefore a fat chance in hell that the present debt based system that is ruining our economies will ever change short of a revolution….



3 Responses to “Mortgages Are Instruments Of Fraud”

  1. beLIEve says:

    There should be…NO DEBT JUBILEEs….and ….NO DEBT WRITE DOWNs…..for the 99%.

    One cannot cancel what never truly existed.

    In the current CYSTem …..DEBT “repayments” are a SUBTLE form of EXTORTION.

    All those who have …SERVE-VICE..d ….the…. BANKSTERS ….FAKE LOANS are entitled to a…FULL REFUND in …LAWFUL MONEY…..GOLD/SILVER….at a rate of exchange in play on the day the …RE-PAYMENTS…were made.

    No member of the 99% should “repay” a “debt” without first conducting a …FORENSIC ANALYSIS… specifically of the ORIGIN of the so-called …LOAN.

    This rule also applies to so-called…”GOVERNMENT ” debt, supposedly on the “tab” of the taxpayer.

    A FORENSIC analysis would almost certainly reveal the …TAX PAYER HAS BEEN….. CYST-ematically/PNEUMATICALLY….screwed by the BANKSTERS.

  2. archer says:

    In a similar vein to beLIEve’s comment above, the best way to overthrow the rotten system is to boycott. Can anyone imagine the repurcussions if everyone refused to take these sham loans? It wouldn’t take long for we the people to overcome.

  3. Nollidge says:

    Once upon a time the Jews had usury.Then they dreamed up the idea of “compound interest”.That’s why it takes you 25+ years to pay off a mortgage.But of course,because your relatively tiny savings bank account is accruing compound interest,you are happy right.?.

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