Ministers plan early repeal of 1972 European Communities Act


Mrs May has already declared she will not invoke Article 50, the formal trigger to start the move towards exit, this year. But sources have confirmed Ministers are considering starting the process with an early repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act – which took us into Europe. This could be quickly tabled in the Commons to placate Brexit-supporting Tories but enacted only once our exit terms were settled.

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TAP – Such a move, not long ago, seemed like a distant far-off dream with no real hope that it could ever happen.  In 2001, most British people still believed the EU was a good idea as the Euro would make going on holiday more convenient.  EU membership wasn’t even an issue in political polling.  It was assumed by the vast majority to be permanent and overall helpful and good for the economy.   Now the worldwide recession has kicked in, the days of easy money are over, and people look at things with slightly wiser eyes.   The EU is seen for what it is, the destroyer of communities, jobs and nations.  It’s a shame it took so long for people to wake up, but they are now awake.  If the government doesn’t act decisively to implement BREXIT including stopping the free movement of people, the electoral effects will be catastrophic.  That’s the only reason moves are being made.  Politicians love the corruption game, which was made a hundred times easier since the EU took over.  The people are looking for ways to spill political blood in Westminster, and can’t wait to get their teeth into all parties that have sold us down the rivers of war, corruption and social destruction.  The BREXIT vote, in reality, was more like 25 million to 10 million than 17 to 16.  And the movement grows more powerful with every passing day.


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